'''Winona Ryder''' (October 29, 1971-) is an actress famous for playing kooky, slightly awkward characters in a number of movies. Some of her most famous roles have been the LoveInterest of ''Film/EdwardScissorhands'' (1990)in the titular movie, Veronica Sawyer in ''{{Film/Heathers}}'' (1989), Lydia Deetz in Film/{{Beetlejuice}} (1988), Jo March in ''LittleWomen'' (1994), Susanna Kaysen in ''Film/GirlInterrupted'' (1999), ''Film/StarTrek'' (2009), ''The Private Lives of Pippa Lee'' (2009) and a supporting role in ''Film/BlackSwan'' (2010). She was involved with the actor Creator/JohnnyDepp for three years before they later split, and was linked with Creator/MattDamon in the early Noughties.

!!This actress' roles provide examples of:

* AwesomeDearBoy: She has said that she took the role in ''Film/AlienResurrection'' before even reading the script, because she had always wanted to be in an ''Franchise/{{Alien}}'' movie and could brag about it to her brothers
* CareerResurrection: After taking a few years off from acting while she was on probation for shoplifting from Saks Fifth Avenue, she starred in a film rendition of Creator/PhilipKDick's ''Literature/AScannerDarkly'', which was critically acclaimed.
* DawsonCasting: Averted early in her career, when she was close in age to most of her teenaged characters. She was sometimes criticized for playing teen roles ("I'm like, 19. What do they want me to play, a judge?"). She became a straighter example of the trope as she grew older. She was 28 in GirlInterrupted ; her character was 18. Her petite frame and wide eyes contribute to looking much younger.
* EeriePaleSkinnedBrunette : Often, but [[Film/{{Beetlejuice}} Lydia Deetz]] is the best example.
* FatalMethodActing: A near miss--she nearly drowned during the shooting of the underwater scene in ''Alien: Resurrection''.
* OneOfUs: Her movie choices seem to indicate this (see AwesomeDearBoy above). She is also a massive fan of Creator/JDSalinger and ''Literature/TheCatcherInTheRye'', and collects rare editions of the book.
* RomanceOnTheSet: Briefly dated Creator/ChristianSlater during the filming of ''Film/{{Heathers}}''. She also dated Creator/JohnnyDepp, her co-star in ''Film/EdwardScissorhands''
* WhatCouldHaveBeen : She was cast as Mary Corleone in ''Film/TheGodfather: Part III'', but withdrew. The part went to Sofia Coppola.
** Creator/WoodyAllen wanted Ryder to star in ''Melinda and Melinda'', with Creator/RobertDowneyJr to co-star, but after her shoplifting arrest and his drug problems, no one would insure them, so Allen couldn't get a bond to complete the movie.