Uma Karuna Thurman (born April 29, 1970 in [[HollywoodNewEngland Boston, Massachusetts]]) is an American actress and model, best known for starring in ''Film/PulpFiction'', ''Film/BatmanAndRobin'', ''Film/KillBill'', ''Literature/DangerousLiaisons'', ''{{Film/Gattaca}}'', ''Film/TheTruthAboutCatsAndDogs'', and ''Film/TheAdventuresOfBaronMunchausen'', where she plays Venus. Yes, ''[[Myth/ClassicalMythology that]]'' Venus. She also played [[Film/BatmanAndRobin Poison Ivy]] and [[Film/TheAvengers1998 Emma Peel]].

Known for being Creator/QuentinTarantino's (platonic) [[TheMuse muse]].

!!This actress provides examples of the following tropes:

* ActionGirl: A couple of her roles later on in her career are good examples.
* BeautyIsNeverTarnished: Well-known for averting this trope in a number of Tarintino films including Film/PulpFiction where she overdoses and its shown in all its gory horror with blood and spittle everywhere, and ''Film/KillBill'' where she's knocked senseless and drenched in blood by the end of the bigger set-pieces.
* CelebritySong: Music/FallOutBoy has one named after her, where the chorus references her dancing scene in ''Film/PulpFiction''.
* LargeHam: In ''Batman and Robin'' as Poison Ivy and ''Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief'' as Medusa.
* MsFanservice: In ''Baron Munchausen'', ''Dangerous Liaisons'', ''Batman and Robin'' and ''The Avengers''.
* StatuesqueStunner: At a solid 6' she can tower over most cast mates, especially in heels, as seen in ''Film/TheProducers'' where she easily has a full head over LoveInterest, Creator/MatthewBroderick.