Canada's answer to Creator/{{Comedy Central}}, The Comedy Network (generally referred to as just ''Comedy'' since 2010) went on the air in October of 1997. Presently, it is owned by Bell Media, owners of Creator/{{CTV}}.

Initially, the station was subject to a fairly limited schedule. Episodes of British television were common (''Series/MrBean'' and ''The Baldy Man''), and the airtime was ''full'' of ''Just For Laughs'' comedy festival performances, ''Open Mike With Mike Bullard'' (a shoestring-budgeted talk show that was so AdoredByTheNetwork that it aired for ''eight seasons''), ''Series/SaturdayNightLive'' repeats (aired from the beginning and, unlike most American reruns, includes episodes from the much-maligned sixth and 11th seasons), and other older TV shows.

Eventually, the British programs were dropped, and the network started showcasing both original programming (''WesternAnimation/KevinSpencer'', ''Puppets Who Kill'', ''Butch Patterson: Private Dick'', ''Series/CornerGas'', etc.), and shows from Comedy Central (including ''Series/TheDailyShow'', ''Series/TheColbertReport'' and ''Series/AtMidnight''; and in its proper timeslots too). For a while, pretty much anything from Comedy Central ended up on The Comedy Network. However, since September of 2013, most of Comedy Central's shows have been airing on sister network Creator/{{MuchMusic}}. The Comedy Network has also become home to repeats of ''Series/TheBigBangTheory'' and several Canadian-made shows, including a Canadian-made revival of ''MatchGame'' in 2012 (to meet with Canadian Content guidelines, and to create profit for the station, which owns some of these shows).

Any rebranding the network has taken on has occurred slowly. Expect to see various CTV or original shows on great repetition, and with lots of ad time. ''Series/CornerGas'' got it, and it's successors (''Hiccups'' and ''Series/DanForMayor'') got it as well. Canadian Content laws plus AdoredByTheNetwork counts for a ''lot''.

Also has a sister channel in Comedy Gold (which used to be a Canadian version of TV Land), focusing on classic sketch comedy and sitcoms. It is not to be confused with The Comedy Channel in Australia.