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Based in San Rafael, California and specializing in licensed, [[EpisodicGame episodic]] [[AdventureGame adventure games]], Telltale Games was formed in 2004 by disgruntled Creator/LucasArts workers when ''VideoGame/SamAndMaxFreelancePolice'' was [[ScrewedByTheNetwork canceled]].

They often release all sorts of {{machinima}}s and [[{{Mockumentary}} mockumentaries]] in between games to appeal to the fans. The interpretation of Hell seen in Sam And Max is very clearly modeled on their own office. They even published a complete ''Sam And Max'' comics treasury (the first in 12 years), ''Surfin' the Highway'', and commissioned a new comic from Steve Purcell.

!!Games and game series by Telltale Games include:

* ''Telltale Texas Hold'em'' - '''2005'''
* ''ComicBook/{{Bone}}''
** ''Bone: Out from Boneville'' - '''2005'''
** ''Bone: The Great Cow Race'' - '''2006'''
* ''Series/{{CSI}}''
** ''CSI: 3 Dimensions of Murder'' - '''2006'''
** ''CSI: Hard Evidence'' - '''2009'''
** ''CSI: Deadly Intent'' - '''2009'''
** ''CSI: Fatal Conspiracy'' - '''2010'''
* ''VideoGame/SamAndMaxFreelancePolice''
** ''Sam and Max: Save the World'' (Season 1) - '''2006-2007'''
** ''Sam and Max: Beyond Time and Space'' (Season 2) - '''2007-2008'''
** ''VideoGame/SamAndMaxTheDevilsPlayhouse'' (Season 3) - '''2010'''
* ''VideoGame/StrongBadsCoolGameForAttractivePeople'' - '''2008'''
* ''VideoGame/WallaceAndGromitsGrandAdventures'' - '''2009'''
* ''VideoGame/TalesOfMonkeyIsland'' - '''2009'''
* ''VideoGame/HectorBadgeOfCarnage'' - '''2010-2011'''
* ''VideoGame/NelsonTethersPuzzleAgent''
** ''Puzzle Agent'' - '''2010'''
** ''Puzzle Agent 2'' - '''2011'''
* ''VideoGame/PokerNightAtTheInventory'' - '''2010'''
* ''VideoGame/BackToTheFutureTheGame'' - '''2010-2011'''
* ''VideoGame/JurassicParkTheGame'' - '''2011'''
* ''Franchise/LawAndOrder Legacies'' - '''2011-2012'''
* ''VideoGame/TheWalkingDead''
** ''The Walking Dead: Season 1'' - '''2012'''
** ''The Walking Dead: 400 Days'' - '''2013'''
** ''The Walking Dead: Season 2'' - '''2013-2014'''
** ''The Walking Dead: Michonne'' - '''2016'''
** ''The Walking Dead: Season 3: The New Frontier'' - '''2016-2017'''
** ''The Walking Dead: The Final Season'' - '''2018'''
* ''VideoGame/PokerNight2'' - '''2013'''
* ''VideoGame/TheWolfAmongUs''[[note]](based upon ''ComicBook/{{Fables}}'')[[/note]] - '''2013-2014'''
** ''The Wolf Among Us: Season 2'' - '''2018'''
* ''VideoGame/TalesFromTheBorderlands'' - '''2014-2015'''
* ''VideoGame/TelltalesGameOfThrones'' - '''2014-2015'''
* ''VideoGame/MinecraftStoryMode'' - '''2015-2016'''
** ''Minecraft: Story Mode - Season 2'' - '''2017'''
* ''VideoGame/BatmanTheTelltaleSeries'' - '''2016'''
** ''Batman The Telltale Series: The Enemy Within'' - '''2017-2018'''
* ''VideoGame/GuardiansOfTheGalaxyTheTelltaleSeries'' - '''2017'''
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* AuthorCatchphrase: Starting with ''The Walking Dead'', two messages are prevalent in their [[ChoiceAndConsequenceSystem choice-and-consequence]] games: The first thing you usually see at the beginning is "This game series adapts to the choices you make. The story is tailored by how you play," and during gameplay, "X will remember that" usually pops up after major dialogue decisions.
* DarkerAndEdgier: ''The Wolf Among Us'' and ''The Walking Dead'' are by far their darkest games yet. With them now making a ''[[CrapsackWorld Game of Thrones]]'' game, [[TomHanksSyndrome it's safe to say this is going to continue.]]
* EarlyInstallmentWeirdness: Or Middle Installment Weirdness, if you will. Telltale already had a lengthy list of works to their credit when ''VideoGame/JurassicParkTheGame'' was released, but JP was just before the company [[GrowingTheBeard grew the beard]] with ''VideoGame/TheWalkingDead.'' As a result, ''Jurassic Park'' carries the scarier tone and [[PressXToNotDie stiffer QTE consequences]] of their later material, but lacks their now-iconic use of decisions, typical cel-shaded art style, and any of their rather large ProductionPosse.
* ExpandedUniverse: Most of their games are sequels or parts of a greater whole to the original work in some way.
* LighterAndSofter: ''VideoGame/TalesFromTheBorderlands'' and ''VideoGame/MinecraftStoryMode'' have a zanier and more comedic tone than their predecessors.
* MortonsFork: Telltale's games result in this rather often, despite the emphasis on player choice. Can lead to some frustration, because players may feel that, as either choice leads to the same ending, what they choose doesn't matter.
* NoProblemWithLicensedGames: They try their hardest to consistently avoid the reputation most licensed games have. If there's any company you'd want to make a game of your favorite movie or show, Telltale Games has the best track record for financially successful games that fans enjoy.
** This is, incidentally, what earned them the license for the ''Game Of Thrones'' title. After getting burned by [[TheProblemWithLicensedGames the opposite trope]] a few times, Creator/GeorgeRRMartin raised his standards far more.
* ObviousBeta: ''Many'' of their games have lots of {{Game Breaking Bug}}s. It makes you wonder if they even ''test'' their games before releasing them.
** One infamous example is in ''VideoGame/StrongBadsCoolGameForAttractivePeople''. In the Wii port of Homestar Ruiner, if the Wii is set to widescreen mode, and if the player talks to Coach Z in Extended Play, the game will freeze.
** Wii ports of ''VideoGame/SamAndMaxFreelancePolice'' tend to have the cursor permanently stuck in the lower right corner of the screen, among ''many'' other bugs.
** Multiple times, episodes of their more recent games would have bugs such as lag, audio suddenly dropping out, character models not loading in, and more.
** ''VideoGame/TheWolfAmongUs'' also infamously has a bug that turns text options into ''"This choice is blank!"''.
* RevisitingTheRoots: They've experimented with much more dramatic or dynamic story-telling for quite a while, and state that they intend for ''Poker Night 2'' (featuring [[Franchise/EvilDead Ash Williams]], [[WesternAnimation/TheVentureBrothers Brock Samson]], [[{{VideoGame/Borderlands}} Claptrap]], and VideoGame/{{Sam|AndMaxFreelancePolice}} as players, while [[{{VideoGame/Portal}} GLaDOS]] deals.) to be much more humorous.
--> '''Dan Connors:''' It's great to revisit our roots after the success of ''VideoGame/TheWalkingDead''. People might not know that we have a strong history of humor in our games and players are going to find a lot of laughs in ''Poker Night 2'', ''Poker Night 2'' is another example of our ability to work with phenomenal partners and bring great characters to life in the gaming universe.
* RunningGag: The drink Banang has popped up in some form or another throughout their games.
* SadisticChoice: They love this trope. Everytime there’s a point-and-click game, this trope is inevitably played straight and at times, exaggerated.
* WhamEpisode: They have a penchant for this, with quite possibly their best examples being ''[[VideoGame/SamAndMaxFreelancePolice Sam and Max]]'': [[VideoGame/SamAndMaxTheDevilsPlayhouse Season 3]], Episode 5, ''VideoGame/BackToTheFuture'' Episode 3, and ''VideoGame/TalesOfMonkeyIsland'' Episode 4. Their more recent games (''VideoGame/TheWalkingDead'', ''VideoGame/TelltalesGameOfThrones'', ''VideoGame/TheWolfAmongUs''), tend to take this to a whole new level, with every episode being a huge WhamEpisode.