Tecmo is a Japanese video game developer, known primarily for ''Ninja Gaiden'' and ''Dead or Alive'' games. Before 1986, it was known as Tehkan Ltd. Several games during its 8, 16, and 32-bit eras had a habit of [[InCaseYouForgotWhoWroteIt including their company name]] within the actual title.

In 2010, Tecmo merged with {{Creator/Koei}}, and the company became collectively known as "Tecmo Koei Games", and then "Koei Tecmo Games" in 2014.

[[JustForFun/IThoughtThatWas Not to be confused with]] Technos Japan Corp., the now defunct developers of the ''VideoGame/DoubleDragon'' and ''[[VideoGame/KunioKun Kunio-kun]]'' games.

!!Games produced and/or developed by Tecmo:
* ''VideoGame/BombJack''
* ''VideoGame/CaptainTsubasa''
* ''VideoGame/DeadOrAlive''
* ''VideoGame/{{Deception}}''
** ''VideoGame/{{Trapt}}''
* ''VideoGame/FatalFrame'' (a.k.a. ''Project Zero'') [co-owner with Creator/{{Nintendo}} since the fourth installment]
** ''VideoGame/SpiritCameraTheCursedMemoir''
* ''Gemini Wing''
* ''VideoGame/MetroidOtherM'' [developer]
* ''VideoGame/MonsterRancher''
* ''VideoGame/NinjaGaiden''
** ''VideoGame/YaibaNinjaGaidenZ''
* ''Pleiads''
* ''VideoGame/PokemonConquest'' [co-developer, as Tecmo Koei]
* ''VideoGame/RadiaSenkiReimeihen''
* ''VideoGame/{{Rygar}}''
* ''VideoGame/SecretOfTheStars''
* ''Silk Worm''
* ''VideoGame/SolomonsKey''
* ''Star Force''
* ''VideoGame/TecmoBowl''
* ''Tecmo Cup''
* ''Tecmo Stackers''
* ''Tecmo World Wrestling''
* ''Tokobot''
* ''VideoGame/UndeadKnights''
* ''Unison: Rebels of Rhythm & Dance''
* ''VideoGame/WarriorsAllStars'' [co-developer, as Koei Tecmo]