[[{{Networks}} Cable television network]] [=TechTV=], originally named [=ZDTV=] after original parent company Ziff-Davis, launched in 1998 to capitalize on the rapidly-increasing technology boom and devoted itself entirely to timely, topical, and ''good'' programming about technology and the internet. The channel soon became a popular source for news and commentary about the tech world for those who received it. During the channel's entire 6-year-run, it was located in San Francisco, California.

The [[NetworkDeath network]] [[{{Retool}} rebranded itself]] as [=TechTV=] in 2000 after [=CNet=] purchased [=ZDNet=] and sold the network's assets to {{Microsoft}} co-founder Paul Allen. It soon launched a major push into live programming with an unprecedented nine-hour block of live programming every weekday, which eventually mutated into several live or semi-live shows such as ''The Screen Savers'', ''Unscrewed With Martin Sargent'', and ''Call For Help''. The network also ran a handful of taped shows, including video game review show ''Gamespot TV'', which later became ''Extended Play'' and ''Series/XPlay''. Late into its run, it also broadcast a handful of {{anime}} series, including ''LightNovel/CrestOfTheStars'' and ''Anime/TheSoulTaker'', as something of an answer to Creator/AdultSwim.

[[FailureIsTheOnlyOption Of course, it never stood a chance of surviving.]]

[=TechTV=] always had money issues, which manifested as layoffs throughout the early part of its life. Its major cable carriage came from sister company Charter Communications, which has long "enjoyed" a reputation within the cable industry as a struggling company. The attacks of September 11th, 2001 doomed the long-form tech news format -- which had already struggled beforehand, since one can only talk about tech companies in so many ways without seeming redundant -- and the rise of RSS newsfeeds made it easy to track a certain company or subject through online sources instead of waiting for a linear news format to report on them. The network rebounded in 2003 thanks to good ratings for a number of its new shows, primarily ''Unscrewed''. This rebound happened shortly ''after'' Comcast dropped [=TechTV=] from its lineups nationwide in favor of Creator/G4TV, a Comcast-owned network that focused on video games.

Rumors say Comcast replaced [=TechTV=] in order to [[ScrewedByTheNetwork devalue the network]] in pursuit of its eventual goal: acquisition and dismantling. In 2004, Comcast bought [=TechTV=] and [[NetworkDeath merged it]] into "[=G4TechTV=]," then issued an [[ExecutiveMeddling ultimatum]] to the casts and crews of all of [=TechTV's=] shows: "Move to Los Angeles or you're fired." The vast majority of the staff and talent decided they'd rather quit, and in hindsight, they made the smart decision: [[ScrewedByTheNetwork nearly everyone who moved south saw their shows get cancelled within months]], and the few shows [=G4TV=] kept around suffered from meddling to an absurd degree. In less than a year, the network had dropped any pretense of loyalty to the [=TechTV=] name and reverted back to G4. Prior to the end of 2012, ''Series/XPlay'' stood as the last remaining show from the [=TechTV=] days to still run on the network. [=G4TV=] [[{{Retool}} retooled]] ''The Screen Savers'' into ''Series/AttackOfTheShow'', which, while ending up with a cult following of its own, looked nothing like its original parent program. At the end of 2012, both shows ended up getting cancelled and the network would [[NetworkDeath shut down]] on December 31st, 2014.

[=TechTV=] gave rise to a number of individuals who still offer tech-oriented websites and/or podcasts on the internet. Several of the names below had already become known in the tech world prior to [=TechTV=], while others first came to prominence thanks to the network:

* Adam Sessler (The original host of ''Gamespot TV''/''Extended Play''; co-hosted ''Series/XPlay'' until he was fired in 2012; would go on to lead [=Revision3=]'s gaming division until 2014 when he left, wanting to pursue a career outside of gaming)
* Alex Albrecht (Host of ''The Screen Savers'' post-merger; now part of [=Revision3=])
* Chris Pirillo (Host of ''Call For Help'' with Leo Laporte as co-host; went back to focusing on Lockergnome full-time and later became a vlogger on Facebook; eventually founded the Galaxaar Pop Culture Marketplace events).
* Kevin Rose (Host of ''Series/AttackOfTheShow''; co-created {{Digg}}, now runs [=Revision3=], and works for Google -- who acquired his startup for a good amount of money)
* Leo Laporte (Co-host of ''The Screen Savers'' and ''Call For Help''; now runs the [[http://twit.tv TWiT Network]])
* Martin Sargent (Host of ''Unscrewed'' who also started out as on-screen talent for ''The Screen Savers''; now out of the business and working in advertising)
* Morgan Webb (Co-host of ''X-Play'' who started out as on-screen talent for ''The Screen Savers''; co-hosted ''Series/XPlay'' until it ended in 2012; now with [[Creator/{{Activision}} Activision Blizzard]])
* Patrick Norton (Co-host of ''The Screen Savers''; now part of [[http://revision3.com Revision3]])