Channel Seven is currently the most popular Australian TV network (indeed, for a time it was officially called the Australian Television Network), thanks to its rights to a large amount of popular American shows. Its Australian content? Not so good. Most of Seven's Aussie-made shows are [[YetAnotherBabyPanda feel-good reality TV shows]] called ''RSPCA Animal Rescue'' or the like, that nonetheless get good ratings. It has also snagged quite a few shows [[ChannelHop from other networks]], such as ''Series/KathAndKim'' and''Series/ThankGodYoureHere''.

Historically, though, Seven has been second to Creator/{{Nine|Network}} and has always tried hard to beat them with a variety of shows. Some have been great successes, such as comedy shows ''Fast Forward'' and ''Full Frontal'' or dramas like ''Blue Heelers'', ''Homicide'' or ''Series/WinnersAndLosers'', some of which haven't been forgotten. However it more than makes up for their problems with a good amount of sports rights such as UsefulNotes/AustralianRulesFootball and The UsefulNotes/OlympicGames, along with both Australian Opens in tennis and golf.

The network's graphical and audio image has been shared mainly with the American Creator/{{NBC}} over the years and actually uses that network's news theme, ''The Mission'' by John Williams as their own; Nine Network has a similar relationship with ABC.

Seven is ''also'' fondly remembered for its dedication to the art form that is [[Series/{{Amazing}} the children's game show]] and is notable for being the only major commercial television network in Australia not to have been suffering severe financial issues recently.

!!!Currently broadcasts three television channels:
* '''Seven''': the original channel.
* '''[=7Two=]''': launched November 2009.
* '''[=7mate=]''': launched September 2010. Targeted towards men, in case you couldn't tell by the name.