Mary Sean Young (born November 20, 1959) is an American actress.

She is best known for her roles in movies in TheEighties such as ''Film/BladeRunner'' and ''Film/NoWayOut'', but has also been known for some of her bizarre antics including being sued by Creator/JamesWoods for sexual harassment - although Woods later recanted the charges, blaming his then-wife for a misunderstanding - and for trying to get the role of ComicBook/{{Catwoman}} in ''Film/BatmanReturns'' by wearing a homemade costume to impress the makers of the film. She has since appeared in many reality TV shows recently including on ''Series/CelebrityRehab'' for her treatment for alcohol addiction.

!!Her films include:
* ''Film/{{Stripes}}'' (1981) as Louise Cooper
* ''Film/BladeRunner'' (1982) as Rachael
* ''Film/YoungDoctorsInLove'' (1982) as Stephanie Brody
* ''Film/{{Dune}}'' (1984) as Chani
* ''Film/BabySecretOfTheLostLegend'' (1985) as Susan Matthews-Loomis
* ''Film/NoWayOut'' (1987) as Susan Atwell
* ''Film/WallStreet'' (1987) as Kate Gekko
* ''Film/FireBirds'' (1990) as Billie Lee Guthrie
* ''Literature/AKissBeforeDying'' (1991) as Dorothy/Ellen Carlsson
* ''Film/FatalInstinct'' (1993) as Lola Cain
* ''Film/AceVenturaPetDetective'' (1994) as Lois Einhorn
* ''Film/DrJekyllAndMsHyde'' (1995) as Helen Hyde
* ''Film/SugarAndSpice'' (2001) as Mrs. Hill