[[caption-width-right:346:Hail to the king, baby.]]

Samuel Marshall Raimi (born October 23, 1959) has the distinct honor of being one of the few director/producers in existence that can actually make films that are campy AND scary at the same time and have them come off as excellent pieces of film. Known mostly for his cult series ''Franchise/EvilDead'', he also gained a greater level of fame for [[Film/SpiderManTrilogy directing a trilogy of movies]] based on the long-running ''ComicBook/SpiderMan'' comic books.

Raimi is also no stranger to television as well, as he executive produced the syndicated shows ''Series/HerculesTheLegendaryJourneys'', ''Series/XenaWarriorPrincess'', ''Series/LegendOfTheSeeker'' and ''Series/SpartacusBloodAndSand''. He currently executive produces the TV adaptation of his ''Evil Dead'' films, ''Series/AshVsEvilDead'', the pilot of which he also directed.

Early on in his career, he was a frequent collaborator with Creator/TheCoenBrothers: Joel was an assistant editor on ''The Evil Dead'', the three of them wrote ''Crimewave'' and ''Film/TheHudsuckerProxy'' together, Raimi had cameo apperances in ''Film/MillersCrossing'' and ''Hudsucker'', and finally (whew) Raimi directed a montage sequence in the latter.

* ''Film/{{The Evil Dead|1981}}'' (1981)
* ''Film/{{Crimewave}}'' (1985)
* ''Film/EvilDead2'' (1987)
* ''Film/{{Darkman}}'' (1990)
* ''Film/ArmyOfDarkness'' (1993)
* ''Film/TheQuickAndTheDead'' (1995)
* ''Film/ASimplePlan'' (1998)
* ''Film/ForLoveOfTheGame'' (1999)
* ''[[Film/TheGift2000 The Gift]]'' (2000)
* ''Film/SpiderManTrilogy''
** ''Film/SpiderMan1'' (2002)
** ''Film/SpiderMan2'' (2004)
** ''Film/SpiderMan3'' (2007)
* ''Film/DragMeToHell'' (2009)
* ''Film/OzTheGreatAndPowerful'' (2013)
* CreatorBacklash:
** He seems to agree with the consensus that ''Film/SpiderMan3'' was the worst of the trilogy.
** After ''Film/TheQuickAndTheDead'' flopped, Raimi admitted that he was "confused" and thought himself to be a "dinosaur".
* OldShame: Hasn't exactly considered ''Crimewave'' one of his proudest works. Given the production problems surrounding the film.
* PromotedFanboy: He was a big fan of Comics/SpiderMan before being tasked with directing the film trilogy.
* RuleOfCool: Raimi could give Creator/JohnCarpenter a run for his money with how the ''Evil Dead'' series turned out over time.
* WorldOfHam: His most famous films throw subtlety out the window in favor of everyone unironically reciting intentionally corny lines and giving over-the-top deliveries.