->''"So like any good, closeted young lesbian of the Seventies, I developed a raging crush on Ron Howard from ''Series/HappyDays''."''
-->-- '''Creator/JaneLynch''', from her memoir ''Happy Accidents''

So remember that Opie kid from ''Series/TheAndyGriffithShow''? Well, Ronald William Howard (born March 1, 1954) grew up to star in ''Series/HappyDays'' and discovered while being one of the biggest sitcom stars in the world that he liked directing. He's good at it, too. Many awards. Big ears. Father of Creator/BryceDallasHoward and older brother of Creator/ClintHoward. Narrator ''([[AdamWesting And himself!]])'' on ''Series/ArrestedDevelopment''.

[[AC:Some of the films he's directed include:]]
* ''Film/GrandTheftAuto'' (1977)
* ''Film/NightShift'' (1982)
* ''Film/{{Splash}}'' (1984)
* ''Film/{{Cocoon}}'' (1985)
* ''Film/GungHo'' (1986)
* ''Film/{{Willow}}'' (1988)
* ''Film/{{Parenthood}}'' (1989)
* ''Film/{{Backdraft}}'' (1991)
* ''Film/FarAndAway'' (1992)
* ''Film/ThePaper'' (1994)
* ''Film/{{Apollo 13}}'' (1995)
* ''Film/{{Ransom}}'' (1996)
* ''Film/EdTV'' (1999)
* ''Film/HowTheGrinchStoleChristmas'' (2000)
* ''Film/ABeautifulMind'' (2001) -- Academy Award winner for Best Director
* ''Film/TheMissing'' (2003)
* ''Film/CinderellaMan'' (2005)
* ''Literature/TheDaVinciCode'' (2006)
* ''[[Film/FrostNixon Frost/Nixon]]'' (2008)
* ''Literature/AngelsAndDemons'' (2009)
* ''Film/TheDilemma'' (2011)
* ''[[Film/{{Rush|2013}} Rush]]'' (2013)
* ''Film/InTheHeartOfTheSea'' (2015)
* ''[[Literature/DanBrownsInferno Inferno]]'' (2016)
* ''Franchise/StarWars'': ''Film/{{Solo}}'' (2018)[[note]]He was brought on board relatively late in production after Lucasfilm's contentious relationship with the film's original directors, Phil Lord and Chris Miller, with much of what they'd already shot still being used.[[/note]]

!! Tropes Associated With Ron Howards Films

* GenreRoulette: From family films, to those with religious themes, to space movies, to human dramas, Ron Howard seems like a director who likes to do a lot.
* SlidingScaleOfIdealismVsCynicism: More on the idealistic in spirit.
* TheGenericGuy: He's mainly known for sticking to what he's asked to do and not really having any sort of overarching vision. This results in him having a reputation for getting things done quickly and professionally, and accounts for his generally elastic filmography.