->''"I don't write fantasy; I write historical novels about an imaginary place."''

Raymond E. Feist (born Raymond Elias Gonzales III, 1945) is a popular {{Fantasy}} author, best known for a single series.

''Literature/TheRiftwarCycle'' is one of the longest HighFantasy series ever written, encompassing many trilogies, all set in the same universe, making it a sustained feat of world building. The first volume, ''Magician'', was published in 1982, but the last, ''Magician's End'', came out in 2013.

''Literature/FaerieTale '' (1988), Feist's only other published work, is a dark UrbanFantasy, in which some of TheFairFolk harass an average American family and plot genocidal war.

He also co-authored The Empire Trilogy (Magician from the other point of view) with Creator/JannyWurts.