[[caption-width-right:300:The "Hatchetman" logo created by Music/InsaneClownPosse member Shaggy 2 Dope.]]

Psychopathic Records, also known as "The Hatchet", is an independent record label founded by Music/InsaneClownPosse which specializes in the rap subgenre known as {{Horrorcore}}. Their main audience is ICP's {{Juggalo}} fanbase, so you probably won't care for what they put out unless you really like ICP. Psychopathic started in 1991, back when ICP was a struggling GangstaRap group known as Inner City Posse, and is part of the reason why Horrorcore is predominately associated with UsefulNotes/{{Detroit}}, Michigan, though the style did not originate in the city.

The label is also known for TheMerch, making low-budget comedy movies, and their own wrestling league, [[{{Wrestling/JuggaloChampionshipWrestling}} Juggalo Championship Wrestling (formally Juggalo Championshit Wrestling]]). They also have [[Radio/PsychopathicRadio an Internet radio station]]. Most of the Psychopathic artists perform as the Music/PsychopathicRydas from time to time, but the Rydas is not a part of the label, due to their use of bootlegged beats, so they release albums through Joe & Joey Records to avoid being sued.

Psychopathic has also attempted some subsidiaries that have since been abandoned including Majik Records (an imprint started by Twiztid which released nothing), UMZ Entertainment (an imprint for more urban-oriented music, whose only artist was MC Breed) and Ax & Smash Entertainment (an imprint for rock artists; the only artist signed was Zug Izland). Hatchet House is kind of still active, though their only artist is DJ Clay.

!!Current Psychopathic artists:
* Music/AxeMurderBoyz
* Music/AnybodyKilla
* Music/BigHoodoo
* Music/{{Boondox}}
* Music/DarkLotus
* DJ Clay (signed with the imprint Hatchet House)
* Music/InsaneClownPosse
* Music/{{Jumpsteady}}
* Legz Diamond
* Mike E. Clark
* Music/VanillaIce (Yeah, you read that right)
* Music/ZugIzland
* Radio/PsychopathicRadio
* Wrestling/JuggaloChampionshipWrestling

!!Former Psychopathic artists:
* Music/BlazeYaDeadHomie (still with Dark Lotus, despite leaving the label)
* MC Breed (originally with UMZ Entertainment, then moved to Psychopathic after UMZ was abandoned, but died before releasing anything)
* Chop Shop (a duo which includes Shaggy 2 Dope's younger brother; signed to Hatchet House but didn't release anything on the label)
* Music/{{Cold 187um}} (released one album, but wasn't received well by Juggalos in general, even though the album sold well)
* Music/DaytonFamily (was on Hatchet House for an album and an EP, hasn't been heard from since)
* Music/{{Esham}} (left when his brother got out of prison to reform his own label, but his non-Psychopathic releases didn't sell as well as the two albums he released on the label)
* Motown Rage (a RapMetal band signed to Hatchet House; released one album, but dropped due to poor sales)
* Music/{{Myzery}} (released an EP on Psychopathic, but was asked to leave after fighting with two other artists, Twiztid and Blaze Ya Dead Homie)
* Music/ProjectBorn (ICP funded their debut EP hoping that the Flint rap group would replicate the success of Flint's better known rap group, The Dayton Family, but ultimately the EP didn't do well, and they were dropped)
* Music/{{ROC}} (via Hatchet House)
* Tali Demon (Psychopathic's first female artist, signed to Hatchet House; left over artistic disagreements with the label)
* Music/{{Twiztid}} (members Jamie Madrox and Monoxide are still a part of Dark Lotus, despite leaving Psychopathic)
* Soopa Villainz (a supergroup consisting of ICP, Esham and ABK's former hypeman Lavel)
* V-Sinizter (signed for a single album, which didn't sell well)

!! Films released by Psychopathic Records
* ''Film/BigMoneyHustlas'' (2000)
* ''Film/BigMoneyRustlas'' (2010)

!!Psychopathic Records includes examples of these tropes:

* AnAxeToGrind
* CircusOfFear
* EvilSoundsDeep: Played straight with the original incarnation of Music/DarkLotus, where the darkest lyrics were delivered by deep, gravelly voiced rapper Marz. The rest of the label averts it:
** Insane Clown Posse: Shaggy 2 Dope, who has a scratchier, higher voice than Violent J, is usually the one to perform the "evil" parts of any given song. He's also more vicious in their wrestling matches. In fact, the fact that his voice ISN'T a stereotypical deep, booming bass makes him just that bit more intimidating.
** Twiztid: Neither Monoxide nor Madrox has a particularly deep voice.
** ABK, who has a prominent lisp.
** Big Hutch (a.k.a., Cold 187um) doesn't really have anything that sounds evil either.
* {{Horrorcore}}
* ILoveTheDead: This occurs in a ''lot'' of songs by Psychopathic artists, including ICP's "Cemetery Girl"
* {{Juggalo}}
%% * TheMerch: Psychopathic is known for this.
* MonsterClown
* PutOnABus:
** ABK left after a contractual dispute, but came back a few years later.
** AMB were contracted for only one album, left shortly afterward and were resigned with Hatchet House, but Psychopathic didn't renew their contract after it expired, and they left.
** Boondox left because of personal issues, making the announcement on a fan-run site. Psychopathic left his website for a short period, and even left a blank spot on the Psychopathic homepage after deleting his site.
** Twiztid left in 2012.
* TheStoner: Pot smoking comes up a lot in Psychopathic lyrics.
* {{Tagline}}: "The label that runs beneath the streets."

'''''Dedicated to the Butterfly'''''.