Pendleton Ward (born July 8, 1982) is best known as the creator of ''WesternAnimation/AdventureTime'' and ''WesternAnimation/BravestWarriors''.

His official site is [[http://www.buenothebear.com/ here]], Twitter [[https://twitter.com/buenothebear here]], & Tumblr [[http://ilovegamesyouguys.tumblr.com/ here]].

!! Other works Pendleton Ward has worked on:

* ''WesternAnimation/AdventureTime'': Creator, writer, storyboard artist, & voice actor (Lumpy Space Princess).
* ''WebAnimation/BravestWarriors'': Creator.
* ''VideoGame/BrokenAge'': Voice actor (Gus).
* ''WesternAnimation/TheMarvelousMisadventuresOfFlapjack'': Writer & storyboard artist (11 episodes).
* ''WesternAnimation/OverTheGardenWall'': Writer & storyboard artist ("Songs of the Dark Lantern").
* ''WesternAnimation/TheSimpsons'': Voice Actor (CouchGag for "Monty Burns' Fleeing Circus")
* ''WesternAnimation/UncleGrandpa'': Special guest writer & director ("For Pete, Love Pen").
* ''WesternAnimation/RandomCartoons'': Director (two episodes).

!! Tropes Associated With Pen Ward and his Work

* GreyAndGrayMorality / WhiteAndGreyMorality: At least 80% of his villains are at least somewhat human and sympathetic. Characters are flawed but still likable and easy to route for
* OneOfUs: He's a big Dungeon's and Dragon's nerd.
* SlidingScaleOfIdealismVsCynicism: Both ''WesternAnimation/AdventureTime'' and ''WesternAnimation/TheBravestWarriors'' are mostly on the idealistic end of the scale.