Norman Mailer (1923-2007) was a two-time Pulitzer prize-winning American author.

He once knocked over Creator/GoreVidal with a headbutt. Vidal had just compared him to UsefulNotes/CharlesManson at the time. Of course, Vidal being [[DeadpanSnarker Vidal,]] Gore would remark about the exchange: "Words fail Norman Mailer yet again."

His most famous work included ''The Naked and the Dead,'' ''The Executioner's Song'' and ''Armies of the Night.''

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!! Works by Norman Mailer that have their own page on TV Tropes:
* ''Literature/TheCastleInTheForest''
* ''Literature/TheNakedAndTheDead''

!!Other appearances by Mailer in media:
* ''Film/WhenWeWereKings'': Mailer covered the UsefulNotes/MuhammadAli-George Foreman 1974 "Rumble in the Jungle" heavyweight fight, and actually wrote a book about it. In this documentary of the fight he is one of the most prominent TalkingHeads.

!! Other works by Norman Mailer contain examples of:
* {{Anorgasmia}}: In the short story "The Time Of Her Time" Sergius tries to make Denise experience orgasm, because she never could do so before. Eventually he [[spoiler:sodomizes her and calls her "a dirty little Jew", which causes her to climax after all]].