[[caption-width-right:350:[[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xj7PUdpV-_0 A GAME CREATED AND DEVELOPED, BY NAUGHTY DOG]]]]
'''Naughty Dog''' is an American video game developer owned by Creator/SonyComputerEntertainment, first formed as Jam Software in 1984 before renaming themselves to their current name in 1989. They are responsible for many hit franchises for the [=PlayStation=] consoles.

* ''Franchise/CrashBandicoot'' (UsefulNotes/PlayStation), the console's de facto mascot. Naughty Dog developed the original three games and ''VideoGame/CrashTeamRacing'', after which, they sold the franchise.
* ''Franchise/JakAndDaxter'' (UsefulNotes/{{PlayStation 2}}), a launch [=PS2=] game.
* ''VideoGame/{{Uncharted}}'' (UsefulNotes/{{PlayStation 3}}), one of the system's top selling and most acclaimed franchises.
* ''VideoGame/TheLastOfUs'' ([=PlayStation 3=]), an enormously popular game widely considered to be their as-of-yet best.

Naughty Dog has something of a sister company in the form of Creator/InsomniacGames. Both companies started out working in the same building, and [[AlternateCompanyEquivalent even produced very similar games around the same times]]. Just to illustrate: Naughty Dog's ''Franchise/CrashBandicoot'' and Insomniac's ''VideoGame/SpyroTheDragon'', Naughty's ''VideoGame/JakAndDaxter'' and Insomniac's ''VideoGame/RatchetAndClank''. As far as game companies can go, these guys are pretty much the tightest of bros, though also sharing a FriendlyRivalry.

!!This company is responsible for:

* ''Math Jam'' (1985; UsefulNotes/AppleII)
* ''Ski Crazed'' (1986; UsefulNotes/AppleII)
* ''Dream Zone'' (1988; Apple IIGS)
* ''Keef the Thief'' (1989; Apple IIGS)
* ''Rings of Power'' (1991; UsefulNotes/SegaGenesis)
* ''[[VideoGame/WayOfTheWarrior Way of the Warrior]]'' (1994; [[UsefulNotes/ThreeDOInteractiveMultiplayer 3DO]])
* ''Franchise/CrashBandicoot''
** ''[[VideoGame/CrashBandicoot1996 Crash Bandicoot]]'' (1996; UsefulNotes/PlayStation)
** ''Videogame/CrashBandicoot2CortexStrikesBack'' (1997; UsefulNotes/PlayStation)
** ''Videogame/CrashBandicoot3Warped'' (1998; UsefulNotes/PlayStation)
** ''Videogame/CrashTeamRacing'' (1999; UsefulNotes/PlayStation)
* ''Franchise/JakAndDaxter''
** ''VideoGame/JakAndDaxterThePrecursorLegacy'' (2001; UsefulNotes/PlayStation2)
** ''VideoGame/JakIIRenegade'' (2003; UsefulNotes/PlayStation2)
** ''VideoGame/Jak3Wastelander'' (2004; UsefulNotes/PlayStation2)
** ''Jak X: Combat Racing'' (2005; UsefulNotes/PlayStation2)
* ''VideoGame/{{Uncharted}}''
** ''VideoGame/UnchartedDrakesFortune'' (2007; UsefulNotes/PlayStation3)
** ''VideoGame/Uncharted2AmongThieves'' (2009; UsefulNotes/PlayStation3)
** ''VideoGame/Uncharted3DrakesDeception'' (2011; UsefulNotes/PlayStation3)
** ''VideoGame/Uncharted4AThiefsEnd'' (2016; UsefulNotes/PlayStation4)
** ''VideoGame/UnchartedTheLostLegacy'' (2017; UsefulNotes/PlayStation4)
* ''VideoGame/TheLastOfUs'' (2013; UsefulNotes/PlayStation3)
** ''The Last of Us: Remastered'' (2014;[[/index]] UsefulNotes/PlayStation4)[[index]]
** ''VideoGame/TheLastOfUsPartII'' (TBA; UsefulNotes/PlayStation4)
* [[http://www.ign.com/articles/2014/06/02/naughty-dog-reveals-it-has-a-new-game-in-development Unannounced Project]] (In development)
* Canceled Project(s)
** Al O. Saurus and Dinestein, a side-scrolling video game based on time travel and scientists genetically merged with dinosaurs, (a spoof on Back to the Future and Jurassic Park). If Naughty Dog never signed on to the company, there would be no [[VideoGame/CrashBandicoot1996 Crash Bandicoot]] but they would make this game.
** ''VideoGame/JakAndDaxterTheLostFrontier''; technically speaking, Naughty Dog concieved this game, but once they found they couldn't develop it and ''Uncharted'' at the same time, they handed the project to Creator/HighImpactGames, who proceeded to make their own version of the game from the ground up, essentially leaving Naughty Dog's version of the game as this.

!! Tropes associated with Naughty Dog
* ActionGirl: [[Franchise/CrashBandicoot Coco]], [[Franchise/JakAndDaxter Ashelin]], [[VideoGame/{{Uncharted}} Elena]] and [[VideoGame/TheLastOfUs Ellie]]. Usually at least one of the major characters in a Naughty Dog game is this.
* DarkerAndEdgier. The ''Franchise/JakAndDaxter'' series went this direction starting with the second game. Heck, generally speaking, their later games are this compared to their earlier work. Just compare ''Franchise/CrashBandicoot'' to ''VideoGame/TheLastOfUs''; [[{{Understatement}} the difference is night and day]].
* DeadpanSnarker: Another common trait of Naughty Dog's. Nearly every character is prone to making witty remarks, [[Franchise/JakAndDaxter Daxter]] and [[VideoGame/{{Uncharted}} Drake]] are the most prominent examples.
* SceneryPorn
* SerkisFolk: ''Uncharted'' and ''The Last of Us'' had the actors perform motion capture while simultaneously recording dialogue.