Matthew Theron Ruff (born September 8, 1965) is an American author of a small, but very diverse collection of novels. All of them feature (sometimes quite dark) humor and somewhat fantastic elements.

Matt is definitely OneOfUs, as anyone who follows his blog can attest. [[http://www.bymattruff.com His website]] contains a lot of interesting and funny details about the creation of his works.

He has written, in chronological order:

* ''Literature/FoolOnTheHill'' (1988) - his debut novel, inspired by his time in, and set at, Cornell University. A FantasyKitchenSink about a young writer caught between Greek gods, talking animals, the fair folk, and monkeys with typewriters.

* ''Literature/SewerGasAndElectric'': The Public Works Trilogy (1997) - a PostCyberPunk novel, according to Wiki/TheOtherWiki. Set in the near future after a pandemic has wiped out (nearly) all black people, it features mutant sharks in {{Absurdly Spacious Sewer}}s, androids, eco-pirates, and Creator/AynRand in a bottle.

* ''Literature/SetThisHouseInOrder: A Romance of Souls'' (2003) - Ruff's most well-known and critically acclaimed novel. Features LoadsAndLoadsOfCharacters. In a way.

* ''Literature/BadMonkeys'' (2007) - a homage to Creator/PhilipKDick. Features a very UnreliableNarrator and one hell of a TwistEnding.

* ''Literature/TheMirage'' (2012) - in this AlternateHistory novel, set in a MirrorUniverse in which the United Arabian States fight TheWarOnTerror against western fundamentalism in the wake of the 11/9 attacks on the Bagdad Twin Towers.

* ''Lovecraft Country'' (2018) - a black man in 1950s America gets conscripted into the internal struggles of the American wizarding community.