Creator / Legend Entertainment

Legend Entertainment was a company founded by former members of Infocom, focusing on text adventures with static pictures to the side. Steve Meretzky was their most prominent writer. Many of their games were adaptations of popular SF&F books, usually faithful to the spirit, even if rather loose. Early games (Spellcasting, Timequest, Gateway and Eric the Unready) had a powerful parser, that also allowed to choose nouns and verbs from a large dictionary; subsequent adventures dropped the parser leaving only pointing-and-clicking (and greatly reduced the number of available actions), but featured much better graphics.

In 1998 the company was bought by GT Interactive and shifted focus to action games. They made a moderately successful first-person shooter The Wheel of Time, and then worked on Unreal expansion packs. In 2004 the studio was closed by its then-owner, Atari, the reason being that "Legend had recently completed its only current project and had no new projects in the pipeline".

Their games include: