Larry Bond is an American author, retired naval officer and war game designer (best known as such for the tabletop naval wargame ''Harpoon''), born in 1952. He is the author of several books in the PossibleWar and spy-thriller genres, and along with Creator/TomClancy, is one of the better known authors in the field. His books are well-regarded for their fast pace (despite their {{Doorstopper}} size) and exhaustive research and attention to detail.

Some of Mr. Bond's better known works include:

* ''Literature/RedStormRising'': A collaboration with Tom Clancy, dealing with a possible scenario for WorldWarIII.
* ''Literature/RedPhoenix'': A collaboration with Patrick Larkin. A Second Korean War breaks out in the waning years of Kim Il-Sung's reign, as Kim Jong-Il attempts to assure his own succession to his father's position and reunite the Koreas.
* ''{{Literature/Vortex}}'': A collaboration with Patrick Larkin. A reactionary Afrikaner government seizes power in South Africa just as the apartheid system is about to collapse, and invades Namibia, leading to a three-way brawl between South African, Cuban/Angolan/Libyan/Namibian/Mozimbiquan, and American forces for control of "the world's treasure house."
* ''Literature/{{Cauldron}}'': A collaboration with Patrick Larkin. A world-wide depression and economic blockade lead to a conflict between France & Germany on the one hand, and the USA, the UK, and the former Warsaw Pact states on the other. In the words of the author, "a trade war that no one can win threatens to escalate into a shooting war that everyone will lose."
* ''Literature/TheEnemyWithin'': Spy thriller with Patrick Larkin.
* ''Literature/DayOfWrath'': Spy thriller with Patrick Larkin.
* ''Literature/DangerousGround'': The first installment in a four-book (so far) series of submarine thrillers:
* ''Literature/ColdChoices''
* ''Literature/ExitPlan''
* ''Literature/ShatteredTrident''