Creator / Konami Yoshida

Konami Yoshida is a seiyuu born in 1967 who had a Sempai/Kohai relationship with another veteran voice actor, Kae Araki (Konami being the Kohai). She used to be prolific, but for some reason, these days she's either relegated to obscure roles, or her major roles have gotten Darrin'd. Poor woman — Demoted to Extra. At least, back when she was more active, she had a bit of a relationship voice acting with Hiro Yuki.

Most well-known for her lead role in Magic Knight Rayearth as Umi Ryuuzaki. Keep praying that in case Magic Knight Rayearth makes it to Super Robot Wars, she's not replaced.

Not related to the Konami company.

Notable roles by Konami Yoshida: