An American filmmaker, well-known for his ties to Creator/AleisterCrowley and the homoerotic subtext of his work. A pioneer of the {{Music Video}} as well as the {{Dream Sequence}}.

!!Partial Filmography:
* ''Fireworks''
* ''Puce Moment'' (Originally imagined to be part of a full-length feature called ''Puce Women'')
* ''Rabbit's Moon''
* ''Eaux d'Artifice''
* ''{{Inauguration of the Pleasure Dome}}''
* A Hollywood gossip book, ''{{Hollywood Babylon}}''
* ''{{Scorpio Rising}}''
* ''{{Invocation of My Demon Brother}}'', featuring [[Music/TheRollingStones Mick Jagger]] and Anton [=LaVey=]
* ''{{Lucifer Rising}}''

Common Tropes appearing in Anger's works include:

* AuthorAppeal: Anger is gay and his films include a lot of muscular, half-naked men. Also, larger doses of the occult.
* BigNameFan: Creator/MartinScorsese, for one.
* FollowTheLeader: Anger basically invented the now taken for granted use of pop-music in film and lay the ground for modern music videos.