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Jonny Lee Miller (born 15 November 1972), grandson of Bernard Lee ([[Characters/JamesBond M]] from the older Film/JamesBond films), is an English actor. He is the son of Anne Lee, who worked in theatre, and Alan Miller, a stage actor and later a stage manager at Creator/TheBBC. He grew up "behind the scenes" at the BBC, and made an uncredited appearance in ''Series/DoctorWho'' in the 1982 story "[[Recap/DoctorWhoS19E3Kinda Kinda]]".

[[AC: List Of Works]]


* ''Film/{{Hackers}}'': Dade Murphy/"Crash Override"
* ''Film/{{Trainspotting}}'' and ''Film/T2Trainspotting'': Simon "Sick Boy" Williamson
* ''Afterglow'': Jeffrey Byron
* ''Regeneration'': 2nd Lieutenant Billy Prior
* ''Film/PlunkettAndMacleane'': Macleane
* ''Film/MansfieldPark'': Edmund Bertram (nominated for Chlotrudis Award for Best Supporting Actor)
* ''Love, Honour and Obey'': Jonny
* ''Complicity'': Cameron Colley
** ''Complicity'' is also known as ''Retribution'' in some markets.
* ''Film/{{Dracula 2000}}'': Simon Sheppard
* ''The Escapist'': Denis Hopkins
* ''Film/{{Mindhunters}}'': Lucas Harper
* ''Melinda And Melinda'': Lee
* ''Film/AeonFlux'' (The film of the animated series): Oren Goodchild
* ''The Flying Scotsman'': Graeme Obree
* ''Endgame'': Michael Young
* ''Film/DarkShadows'': Roger Collins

* ''Series/DoctorWho'': One episode, uncredited.
* ''Mansfield Park'' (1983): Charles Price.
* ''Series/KeepingUpAppearances'': one episode as "Toy Boy".
* ''Dead Romantic'': Paul, in the made-for-TV film.
* ''Goodbye Cruel World'' (miniseries): as Mark.
* ''Series/EastEnders'': two episodes as Jonathan Hewitt.
* ''Series/{{Cadfael}}'': one episode as Edwin Gurney.
* ''Byron'': as Creator/LordByron.
* ''The Canterbury Tales'': Arty, in ''The Pardoner's Tale'' episode of the BBC's [[{{Literature/TheCanterburyTales}} modernised adaptations]].
* ''Smith'': as Tom.
* ''Series/EliStone'': as Eli Stone.
* ''Film/{{Emma}}'' (2009): Mr Knightley.
* ''Series/{{Dexter}}'': one season as Jordan Chase.
* ''Series/{{Elementary}}'': As Franchise/SherlockHolmes, in the US "contemporary update".

* ''Beautiful Thing'': Ste
* ''Festen'': Christian
* ''Someone Who'll Watch Over Me'': Adam
* Creator/DannyBoyle's ''Franchise/{{Frankenstein}}'' where he alternated the roles of the doctor and the monster with Creator/BenedictCumberbatch. They jointly won an Olivier Award for Best Actor and the Evening Standard Theatre Award for Best Actor for this production.
* ''After Miss Julie'': John

!! Tropes:

* ByronicHero: Literally, in one case. Other roles may fall into this trope as well.
* MistakenNationality: Scottish, as a result of his accents. ''Series/TheLateLateShow'' talk show host Creator/CraigFerguson declared him an Honourary Scotsman.
* {{Typecast}}: By being cast in vampire films (examples include ''Film/{{Dracula 2000}}'', ''Film/DarkShadows'' and ''Film/{{Byzantium}}'').