John Varley (1947- ) American ScienceFiction writer.

Some of his works, such as ''Literature/{{Millennium}}'' and ''Film/OverdrawnAtTheMemoryBank'', have been adapted for the screen. However, he's best known for his Hugo and Nebula award winning short story ''The Persistence of Vision'' (from the collection of the same name), The ''Literature/GaeaTrilogy'', which takes place inside a moon-sized rotating [[spoiler:insane]] alien, and and for short stories and novels set in the ''Eight Worlds'' 'verse, a Heinleinian-style future history in which humanity spreads across the solar system after being forcibly ejected from earth by hostile aliens.

* The ''Literature/GaeaTrilogy'' includes:
** ''Titan'' (1979)
** ''Wizard'' (1980)
** ''Demon'' (1984)

* The ''Literature/EightWorlds'' setting includes:
** ''The Barbie Murders'' (1980) a short story collection (republished as ''Picnic on Nearside'' in 1984)
** ''Blue Champagne'' (stories)
** ''The Opiuchi Hotline'' (1977)
** ''Steel Beach'' (1992)
** ''The Golden Globe'' (1998)

* The ''Thunder and Lightning'' series. The first book was essentially a re-envisioning of Creator/RobertAHeinlein's ''Literature/RocketshipGallileo'' for the 21st Century, the later books pursue what happens to subsequent generations but it's still in many ways on big homage to Heinlein. One character is even named [[Literature/PodkayneOfMars Podkayne]].
** ''Red Thunder'' (2003)
** ''Red Lightning'' (2006)
** ''Rolling Thunder'' (2008)
** ''Dark Lightning'' (2017)

* ''Mammoth'' (2005)

* ''Slow Apocalypse'' (2012)