John William Steakley, Jr. (July 26, 1951 November 27, 2010) was an American SF writer, best known for his two novels, ''Armor'' and ''Vampire$''.

''Armor'' is science fiction: it's the distant future, and humanity is embroiled in a BugWar with the implacable, incomprehensible Ants. There's an epic SpaceOpera backdrop, but the story takes place among the little people at ground level, for whom their own high command also seem distant and incomprehensible. The central characters are a new recruit in the Antwar, named Felix, and a mercenary, named Jack Crow.

''Vampire$'' is contemporary UrbanFantasy: Vampire$, Inc. is a small group of hardy individuals who will solve your vampire problem for you in return for a monetary consideration. Early in the novel, the hunters destroy a nest of vampires who, unknown to them, are minions of a vampire mastermind, and shortly thereafter they find themselves going from vampire ''hunters'' to vampire ''hunted''. The central characters are the leader of Vampire$, Inc., named Jack Crow, and a new recruit to the war on the undead, named Felix.

''Vampire$'' inspired the film ''Film/JohnCarpentersVampires'', which takes the basic concept of a group of professional vampire hunters attracting the attention of a big bad vampire and runs with it in a completely different direction.
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