Isabel Allende is a Chilean writer, living in TheUnitedStates, with a lot of success worldwide. She is '''not''' the daughter of former [[UsefulNotes/PresidentsOfChile Chilean President]] Salvador Allende as some might believe, but rather his niece (the daughter of a cousin of his); a mistake easy to make, since Salvador Allende ''does'' have a daughter [[NamesTheSame named Isabel Allende]], currently a politician and senator in Chile.

She has written a lot of books, but in this wiki, only ''Literature/TheHouseOfTheSpirits'', ''Literature/OfLoveAndShadows'' and ''Literature/EvaLuna'' have their own page. Which is a shame, because her books are entertaining for the right audience. She also wrote a well-received novel about ''{{Franchise/Zorro}}'', outlining his early years.

Which brings us to the sensitive topic. Due to some HypeBacklash and the concept of TrueArt for some people, she is very much a LoveItOrHateIt author. The press has lauded her many times, but people like critic Harold Bloom or fellow writer Creator/RobertoBolano have bashed her numerous times. In her native country, the vitriol is ten times [[UpToEleven more accentuated]], specially considering how heavily some of her books lean towards WhatDoYouMeanItsNotPolitical.

So, [[RuleOfCautiousEditingJudgment you know the rule we use here]]: when you add something, be as neutral as you can.