[[caption-width-right:340:Guinevere Turner]]

Guinevere Jane Turner is an American actress and screen-writer, born May 23, 1968, known for appearing in such movies as ''Film/{{Dogma}}'' and ''Film/ChasingAmy'' and on the TV series ''Series/TheLWord'', but ''even better'' known for writing the screenplay to ''Film/AmericanPsycho'' (also ''Film/{{BloodRayne}}'', but [[FanonDisContinuity we don't talk about that]]).
!'''This actress/writer contains examples of:'''

* CreatorCameo: In ''American Psycho'', the screenplay of which she co-wrote, she has a supporting role as Elizabeth, a drunk friend of Patrick who has a threesome with him and Christie [[spoiler: and who he brutally offs without a second thought.]]