Free Will Records is a VisualKei label founded in 1986 by ex-{{COLOR}} vocalist Hiroshi "Music/DynamiteTommy" Tomioka. Originally somehow signed/affiliated with Creator/ExtasyRecords, he almost immediately decided to split off from that label and begin his own - which arguably became far more influential to VisualKei, especially as it grew as a style and scene.

Most of the early bands signed to Free Will Records have been lost to history (though they included {{Bellzlleb}}, {{COLOR}}, {{Kamaitachi}}, and GillesDeRais), but the label is currently ''the'' most active in VisualKei, hosting a very wide range of modern VisualKei artists - almost any VisualKei band active in Japan as of TheNineties, TurnOfTheMillennium, and TheNewTens that is not indies is in some way signed to Free Will Records. For example, BiS, Music/BySexual, and Music/RentrerEnSoi were all signed to Free Will.

Among the bands that the label currently boasts under some subsidiary or another are Music/DirEnGrey, Music/TheGazette, Music/AliceNine, SCREW, SuG, Merry, Music/{{Vivid}}, and Music/Born.

Music/{{Miyavi}} was originally signed to the label under its 'Peace and Smile Company' sub-label before he went solo and made his own label. Free Will has ''many'' similar subdivisions and labels, probably the most famous being FIREWALL DIV., sun-krad, and Media Factory (the first for for Music/DirEnGrey's Japanese ventures and the latter two for their vocalist Music/{{Kyo}}'s solo work.)