Fern Michaels (born Mary Ruth Kuczkir) is an American author of romance and thriller novels, including nearly 50 best selling books with more than 70 million copies in print. Her USA Today and New York Times best selling books include ''Family Blessings'', ''Pretty Woman'', and ''Crown Jewel'', as well as the ''Texas'' quartet and the ''Captive'' series.

Fern Michaels has an official website, which can be found [[http://fernmichaels.com/ here]].

!!Selected bibliography:
* ''Captive'' series
* ''Texas'' series
* ''Sins'' series
* ''Vegas'' series
* ''Kentucky'' series
* ''Sisterhood'' series
* ''Sisterhood: Rules of the Game'' series
* ''Cisco'' series
* ''The Godmothers'' series
* ''Return to Sender''
!!Works by Fern Michaels with their own pages:

* ''Literature/ReturnToSender''
* ''Literature/SisterhoodSeries''