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Emma Bull (born December 13, 1954) is an American writer of Speculative Fiction—mostly fantasy—and a member of the Minnesota-based writer's group, The Scribblies, which also includes her husband, Will Shetterly, and Steven Brust, both of whom she has collaborated with. Her novel War for the Oaks is considered a ground-breaking work in Urban Fantasy, and was one of the first novels to make the now-common pairing of Elves with Rock & Roll. Her novel Bone Dance was nominated for most of the major genre awards. She is co-creator (with Will Shetterly) of the Liavek Shared Universe series, and has also contributed to the Bordertown Shared Universe.

She was also a member of the fantasy-oriented funk-rock group Cats Laughing, a group that also included Steven Brust.

Works with a page on this wiki:

Other works include:

  • Falcon
  • Finder (a novel in the Bordertown series)
  • The Princess and the Lord of Night
  • Territory

Trope in her other works:

  • Another Man's Terror: In Finder, psychically gifted Orient discovers that laying hands on a murder victim's body enables him to dream their deaths.
  • Catapult Nightmare: Lampshaded in Finder when the protagonist wakes up violently from a dream of someone else's death: "They do it in movies. Gunshot on the soundtrack and a fast cut to an actor, sitting up in bed. It's real. I did it."
  • Deep Cover Agent: Jacob Kelling from Falcon, who was planted years ago to bring down a whole planet's government.
  • Just Between You and Me: Lampshaded near the end of Finder:
    Orient: This is—this is the part of the movie where the villain tells the hero everything, because he's going to kill him anyway. Except that I can't think of any more questions.
  • Weird West: Territory is a Weird West exploration of the Tombstone mythos and the events surrounding the famous Gunfight at the OK Corral.