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Edmund [=McMillen=] (born 1980) is an indie game creator and former a comic author. Initially making a name for himself through flash games on Website/{{Newgrounds}}, Ed saw his breakthrough when he and programmer Tommy Refenes, collectively known as Team Meat, released a commercial sequel dubbed ''Super Meat Boy''.

Following the toil of creating ''Super Meat Boy'', the events being one of the three stories documented in ''Film/IndieGameTheMovie'', Team Meat saw widespread success from the game, leading to further success. Currently, Team Meat is working on a Meat Boy sequel and a new title, dubbed ''VideoGame/MewGenics''; the progress of both, as well as some of [=McMillen=]'s new artwork, can be found [[http://edmundm.com/ on his blog.]]

!!Notable works my [=McMillen=] and Team Meat include:


* ''Carious Weltling'' (2003)
* ''VideoGame/{{Gish}}'' (2004)
* ''Blast Miner'' (2006)
* ''VideoGame/{{Triachnid}}'' (2006)
* ''Cereus Peashy'' (2007)
* ''Host'' (2007)
* ''Guppy'' (2007)
* ''VideoGame/{{Coil}}'' (2008)
* ''VideoGame/MeatBoy'' (2008)
* ''Cunt'' (2008)
* ''VideoGame/{{Aether}}'' (2008)
* ''VideoGame/GreyMatter'' (2008)
* ''VideoGame/{{Spewer}}'' (2009)
* ''VideoGame/TimeFcuk'' (2009)
* ''Super Meat Boy'', (2010), the non-flash sequel to ''Meat Boy''.
* ''VideoGame/TheBindingOfIsaac'' (2011)
** Wrath of the Lamb DLC (2012)
* ''The Basement Collection'' (2012), a boxset of his older flash games, comics, and misc art.
* ''Facist!'' (2014)
* ''The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth'' (2014), a [[UpdatedRerelease "re-quel"]] featuring a new, 16-bit art style and new content.
* ''Super Meat Boy: Forever'' (TBA), the third instalment in the Meat Boy series.
* ''VideoGame/MewGenics'' (TBA), a unique game summed up as a "Cat Lady Simulator". [[DevelopmentHell Currently on hold.]]