Edward Elmer "Doc" Smith, Ph.D. (2 May 1890-31 August 1965) was an American science fiction writer best known for SpaceOpera, a genre he arguably invented, including the ''Literature/SkylarkSeries'', the ''Literature/{{Lensman}}'' series, ''The Galaxy Primes'' and ''Spacehounds of IPC''. Smith was very much a pioneer in the field of science-fiction, starting work on ''The Skylark Of Space'' in 1916, though he was not able to find a publisher until 1928.

Smith's nickname “Doc” derives from the fact that he was a professional chemist, holding a doctorate in chemical engineering. It is fair to say, however, that he never let scientific plausibility get in the way of telling a ripping yarn.
!!Works by E. E. “Doc” Smith with their own trope pages include:

* ''Literature/SkylarkSeries''
* ''Literature/{{Lensman}}''

!!Other works by E. E. “Doc” Smith provide examples of:

* BadassFamily: The Family D'Alembert.
* TheGreys: The inhabitants of Callisto (one of Jupiter's moons) in ''Spacehounds of I.P.C.''. Like all humanoids in the book, they're on the side of the good guys.
* {{Heavyworlder}}: The Family D'Alembert
* HumanSubspecies: In the ''Family D'Alembert'' series
* ScienceMarchesOn: The "computers" in ''Spacehounds of IPC'' are MEN who do the navigational computing for the spaceliners by hand and slide rule.
* StunGuns: In the ''Family D'Alembert'' series