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'''Digital Pictures''' was a video game company founded in 1991 by Tom Zito and Ken Melville, and collapsed by the end of the decade. Today they are most well-known for their library of FullMotionVideo games released on the UsefulNotes/SegaCD.

Whilst their games make up a sizable amount of the Sega CD's library, several of them were ported over to the ThreeDO and UsefulNotes/SegaSaturn. However, their first efforts were originally designed in the 80's for Hasbro's abandoned NEMO console; the assets would later be dug up and used for their Sega CD games.

Games developed include:
* ''Corpse Killer''
* ''VideoGame/NightTrap''
* ''VideoGame/SewerShark''
* ''Make My Video'' series
* ''VideoGame/GroundZeroTexas''
* ''Slam City''
* ''VideoGame/DoubleSwitch''
* ''Quarterback Attack''
* ''Supreme Warrior''
* ''VideoGame/KidsOnSite''
* ''Midnight Raiders''
* ''Prize Fighter''
* ''Citizen X'' (unfinished)

!!Tropes applied to the company and their output:

* KaizoTrap: They're fond of this one. Even just sitting and watching the intro cutscenes will often deny you HundredPercentCompletion, if they don't give you a NonstandardGameOver outright.
* TheNewRockAndRoll: ''Night Trap'' attracted controversy alongside ''VideoGame/MortalKombat'' and ''VideoGame/{{Doom}}'' for supposedly promoting adult content and graphic violence to minors, eventually forming the ESRB.
* RailShooter: ''Corpse Killer'' and ''Sewer Shark''.
* RealTime: A staple of the company's output whenever it tasks you with monitoring multiple locations at once. All the available video feeds in a given game are happening simultaneously and you'll have to pick and choose what to watch, often sacrificing learning the plot if you want to get a perfect score.
* ShoutOut: Most if not all of their games (at least for the UsefulNotes/SegaCD) had a track that when played on a regular CD player (or the Sega CD's CD player) was apparently one to Music/TheBeatles combined with SubliminalSeduction [[note]]And is supposedly a hint for Sewer Shark.[[/note]]:
-->''(phone rings)''
-->"Good afternoon, Digital Pictures.
-->.enin rebmun ,enin rebmun ,enin rebmuN"
* StockFootage: The footage for ''Night Trap'' was filmed in the 80's, but was stored in a vault until being used for the Sega CD.
** Public domain stock footage is used extensively in ''Make My Video'', and ''Sewer Shark'' and ''Ground Zero Texas'' recycle enemy encounters and scenery frequently.
** A 2003 TV movie called ''Maximum Surge'' (also known on video as ''Game Over'') used about 35 minutes of stock footage from no less than four Digital Pictures games.
* TotallyRadical: Especially ''Make My Video''.