--> "''It's important for a writer to have quirks. People like that shit, you know.''"

[[AwesomeMcCoolname Diablo Cody]] [[note]] A LineOfSightName thanks to listening to the song "El Diablo" by Arcadia while passing through Cody, Wyoming.[[/note]] (real name Brook Busey-Maurio, born June 14, 1978) is a former stripper/exotic dancer, screenwriter, producer, author, journalist, memoirist and blogger.

A big, big fan of SophisticatedAsHell and BuffySpeak.

She's also somewhat polarizing (no pun intended), though general consensus seems to be in favor of her work. To date, her highest regarded work is the coming of age comedy-drama ''{{Film/Juno}}'', which won awards such as the Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay, the BAFTA Award for Best Original Screenplay, the Independent Spirit Award for Best First Screenplay and the Writers Guild of America Award for Best Original Screenplay. ''Film/YoungAdult'' is second, having won the Hollywood Film Festival Screenwriter of the Year Award and the Palm Springs International Film Festival Chairman's Vanguard Award. None of her other works have been nominated for any award of note.

'''Her works:'''
* ''Candy Girl: A Year in the Life of an Unlikely Stripper'' (her memoir, published 2006). Good example of MyGirlIsASlut and GoodBadGirl tropes.
* ''{{Film/Juno}}'' (2007)
* ''Series/UnitedStatesOfTara'' (2009-2011)
* ''Film/JennifersBody'' (2009)
* ''Film/YoungAdult'' (2011)
* ''[[Film/EvilDead2013 Evil Dead]]'' (2013)
* ''Paradise'' (2013)
* ''Film/RickiAndTheFlash'' (2015)
* ''Series/OneMississippi'' (2015-2017)
* ''Film/{{Tully}}'' (2018)