Charles Dawson "Daws" Butler (November 16, 1916 May 18, 1988) was one of the most prolific--and beloved--voice actors from the early days of television animation. Besides his work for Creator/HannaBarbera (where he was [[ManOfAThousandVoices the TV equivalent]] of Creator/MelBlanc), he did character voices during UsefulNotes/TheGoldenAgeOfAnimation for Creator/MetroGoldwynMayer (you might recognize him as the voice of the Wolf in ''WesternAnimation/RedHotRidingHood'' and the many clones of it, like ''Swing Shift Cinderella'' and ''Wild and Wolfy''), Creator/JayWard Productions, Creator/WarnerBros, Creator/WalterLantz and Creator/DePatieFrelengEnterprises. Signature characters include [[Creator/HannaBarbera Wally Gator]], WesternAnimation/YogiBear, WesternAnimation/HuckleberryHound, WesternAnimation/{{Snagglepuss}}, WesternAnimation/QuickDrawMcGraw and [[WesternAnimation/TheJetsons Elroy Jetson]]. The earlier part of Butler's career found him working as an impressionist on radio, stage, and the last days of {{vaudeville}}, and included several collaborations with Creator/StanFreberg (including handling puppeteering duties with him in ''Time for Beany'', the live-action predecessor of ''WesternAnimation/BeanyAndCecil'', and featuring in and co-writing ''Radio/TheStanFrebergShow'') and even being in the dub of ''Film/GodzillaRaidsAgain''.

In his later years, Butler trained many voice actors out of his home in Beverly Hills (which you can see some of [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5-IArI3t8Us here]])...
* Creator/BobBergen (one of many voice actors cast to replace Mel Blanc in modern-day incarnations of the ''WesternAnimation/LooneyTunes'' cartoons, from the movies like ''WesternAnimation/SpaceJam'' and ''WesternAnimation/LooneyTunesBackInAction'' to commercials that have Looney Tunes characters in them to the newer animated shorts and any modern half-hour TV show featuring the characters)
* Creator/CoreyBurton
* Creator/NancyCartwright (the voice actress behind several ''Simpsons'' characters[[note]]most notably, Bart Simpson, Maggie Simpson [when she coos, cries, and laughs], Nelson Muntz, Ralph Wiggum, Todd Flanders, and Kearney the bully/over-age elementary school student[[/note]] and the voice of bratty troublemaker Melissa Screetch on the short-lived Creator/DreamWorks series ''Toonsylvania'')
* Creator/BillFarmer (the current voice of WesternAnimation/{{Goofy}})
* Linda Gary (voiced [[WesternAnimation/HeManAndTheMastersOfTheUniverse1983 Teela, Evil-Lyn, the Sorceress]], and many other characters for Creator/{{Filmation}}, as well as Dame Barbara on ''WesternAnimation/TheSmurfs'')
* Creator/MonaMarshall (the voice of [[WesternAnimation/SouthPark Sheila Broflovski and Linda Stotch]] and one of Creator/MaryKayBergman's many replacement voices after her suicide in 1999)