Creator: David Herbert

David Herbert is a comic creator, both online and in print, from Australia. Although mainly a writer, he has also dabbled in drawing his own comics and is the letterer for his print comics. His webcomics, Living with Insanity and Domain Tnemrot, have managed to gain long followings despite not being online for as long as some other webcomics, and his print comics tend sell out at conventions.

His work contains examples of:

  • Action Girl - Elizabeth Rose
  • Attention Deficit Creator Disorder - Is always working on three or four projects at a time.
  • Genre Adultery - Seems to have no specific genre he writes in, since Living with Insanity is surreal gag-a-day, Domain Tnemrot is science fiction, Gemini Storm is modern day fantasy and Just Another Day is a one-shot thriller.
  • Happy Ending - Has said he isn't a fan of 'sad to be sad' stories and most of Tnemrot's chapters end on bright notes.
  • Self-Deprecation - Shows up constantly in his blog posts and authors notes.