Darren Aronofsky (born 1969) is an American film director, producer and screenwriter, known for producing art-house movies with avant-garde filming techniques. He is a [[AssociatedComposer close collaborator with composer]] Music/ClintMansell.

His works to date include:

* ''Film/SoldierBoyz'' (1997, the video game adaptation of the movie)
* ''Film/{{Pi}}'' (1998)
* ''Literature/RequiemForADream'' (2000, adapted from the novel)
* ''Film/TheFountain'' (2006)
* ''Film/TheWrestler'' (2008)
* ''Film/BlackSwan'' (2010)
* ''Film/{{Noah}}'' (2014)

He has also been attached to other projects at various times, including a set of [=PSA=]s for ''[[Advertising/MethProject The Montana Meth Project]]'', an early version of what would eventually become ''Film/BatmanBegins'', ''Film/TheFighter'', a remake of ''[[Film/RoboCop2014 RoboCop]]'' that died in DevelopmentHell and ''Film/TheWolverine''.

He was in a relationship with actress Creator/RachelWeisz (who had a role in ''Film/TheFountain'') from 2001 to 2010. He's currently dating Creator/JenniferLawrence, [[Main/RomanceOnTheSet whom he directed for his upcoming film]] ''Mother''.

!!Tropes associated with Darren Aronofsky:
* CreatorThumbprint: Many (if not all) of his works carry a constant underlying plot of obsession leading to the main character's self-destruction (or near-destruction).
* {{Facecam}}: Used in ''Film/{{Pi}}'' and ''Film/RequiemForADream'', which popularized it. One of the DVD bonus features included with ''Film/{{Pi}}'' is a clip of Sean Gullette testing out a FaceCam while walking around New York.
* FadeToWhite
* FanDisservice: He somehow managed to make Creator/JenniferConnelly [[GirlOnGirlIsHot performing a lesbian sex act on stage]] (''Film/RequiemForADream'') and Creator/NataliePortman making out with Creator/MilaKunis (''BlackSwan'') ''terrifying''.
* MayDecemberRomance / RomanceOnTheSet: With Creator/JenniferLawrence of all people.
* MindScrew
* ProductionPosse: Matthew Libatique was the cinematographer of his films except ''Film/TheWrestler'', and Music/ClintMansell made the score for all of them. Mark Margolis, who plays a main role in ''Film/{{Pi}}'', has small roles in all of Aronofsky's following films. Additionally, Ellen Burstyn has roles in ''Film/RequiemForADream'' and ''The Fountain'', and Sean Gullette appears in both ''Film/{{Pi}}'' and ''Film/RequiemForADream''. Stanley B. Herman also plays a DirtyOldMan in ''Film/{{Pi}}'', ''Film/RequiemForADream'', and ''Film/BlackSwan''.
* SlidingScaleOfIdealismVersusCynicism: Most of his films lean ''heavily'' to the cynical side. Testament to this: ''Requiem'' has been listed as one of the most depressing movies of ALL TIME. As a rule: [[PunctuatedForEmphasis His. Films. Can get.]] '''[[DarkerAndEdgier DARK.]]'''
* SiblingYinYang[=/=]TwiceToldTale: If you consider a director's films his children, then this describes ''Film/TheWrestler'' and ''Film/BlackSwan'' perfectly. Whereas ''The Wrestler'' is about the hidden beauty of a brutal sport, ''Black Swan'' is about the hidden brutality of a beautiful art form. And both main characters [[spoiler:presumably die after performing their final CrowningMomentOfAwesome]]. Aronofsky originally planned to make a film, where a wrestler falls in love with a ballerina; he ended up making these two.
* WhatCouldHaveBeen: He was supposed to direct the ''Series/{{Lost}}'' episode "?", hence that episode being even more dependent on surrealism than the show usually was, but ''The Fountain'' ended up taking too much of his time.