[[caption-width-right:275:Note the [[MyBrainIsBig size of his head]].]]

->''"I had [[Series/LateNightWithConanOBrien a show]]. Then I had [[Series/TheTonightShow a different show]]. Now I have a [[http://twitter.com/ConanoBrien Twitter account]]."''
-->--'''Conan O'Brien'''[='s=] former bio statement on his Website/{{Twitter}} account.

Conan Christopher O'Brien (born April 18, 1963) is an American television host, comedian, and television producer. After writing for several comedy shows in Los Angeles, he joined the writing staff of ''Series/SaturdayNightLive''. O'Brien was a writer and producer for ''WesternAnimation/TheSimpsons'' for two seasons until he was commissioned by Creator/{{NBC}} to take over Creator/DavidLetterman's position as host of ''Series/LateNight'' in 1993. O'Brien being a virtual unknown to the public, the initial tenure of ''Series/LateNightWithConanOBrien'' received unfavorable reviews and remained on a multiweek renewal cycle during its early years. The show generally improved over time and was highly regarded by the time of his departure in 2009. Afterwards, O'Brien relocated from New York to Los Angeles to host his own incarnation of ''Series/TheTonightShow'' after the departure of Creator/JayLeno. The ratings for Leno's new show weren't stellar, but NBC was okay with it until local affiliates cried foul when their local news programmes suffered consequent ratings drops, leading NBC to cancel Leno's new show, and then try to fit Jay, Conan, and Jimmy Fallon into their late night line up when Leno still wanted a job at the end of the day. Conan said it would ruin the institution of ''The Tonight Show'' for the show to go into the next day (an inevitable result of cramming three comedians into less than three hours), and was ultimately let go from his contract (with $45 million mind you...) and Leno took back his old time slot. Regardless of whose side you were on, it's pretty universally accepted that NBC [[ScrewedByTheNetwork screwed up big]]. Go to AdoredByTheNetwork to see a few more details of this debacle.

On April 12, 2010, Conan announced a five-year deal with Creator/{{TBS}} to do an 11 PM talk show, to begin as soon as the no-compete clause in his Creator/{{NBC}} severance package expired that fall. After much speculation on what this show is to be called, Mr. O'Brien eventually came up with the single most original, most creative, most "I-want-to-watch-this-fine-basic-cable-programming" title ever known to mankind:


Not to be confused with ''Franchise/ConanTheBarbarian'', although the similarities are ''uncanny''.

!!Conan has written, hosted, or appeared in the following works:

* ''The Harvard Lampoon'', editor (post-''Literature/BoredOfTheRings'')
* ''Series/SaturdayNightLive''
* ''WesternAnimation/TheSimpsons'' (writer) (1991-1993)
** Credited as sole writer on three episodes: "Homer Goes to College"[[note]]season five episode where Homer is forced to go to college after failing a competency test at work[[/note]], "Marge vs. the Monorail"[[note]]the famous season four episode where Mr. Burns' $3 million fine for disposing toxic waste in a public park gets spent on a poorly-constructed monorail pitched by a musical conman[[/note]] and "New Kid on the Block"[[note]]season four episode where Bart falls for a new neighbor's teenage daughter and Homer sues a seafood restaurant for not getting his fill at the all-you-can-eat buffet[[/note]]. He also wrote the ''Series/NightGallery''-esque wraparounds for "Treehouse of Horror IV" and contributed to several other scripts.
** Conan solely created at least one still running character - "Captain [=McCallister=]" (the sea captain and owner of The Frying Dutchman seafood restaurant) - and coined the name for Selma's pet iguana for the episode "Selma's Choice" - "Jub-Jub".
* ''Series/LateNightWithConanOBrien'' (1993-2009)
* ''Series/TheTonightShow with Conan O'Brien'' (2009-2010)
* [[http://twitter.com/ConanoBrien Twitter account]] (2010-)
* The Legally Prohibited From Being Funny on Television Tour (2010), as well as a [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dRdpC1jtZE0 documentary]] about the tour: ''Conan O'Brien Can't Stop''.
* ''Series/{{Conan}}'', his new show on Creator/{{TBS}} (started November 8, 2010)
* T-shirts, mugs, and posters accentuating the size of his head
* Finnish religious iconography (unconfirmed)
* ComicBook/TheRiddler in ''WesternAnimation/TheLEGOBatmanMovie'' (2017)

Some [[Website/{{Cracked}} sources]] are convinced that [[http://www.cracked.com/blog/why-conan-should-work-for-cracked/ Conan would do well on the internet.]]

!!Conan provides examples of:

* AdamWesting: He voiced talk show host Dave Endochrine in ''[[WesternAnimation/BatmanTheDarkKnightReturns Batman: The Dark Knight Returns Part 2]]''.
* AffectionateNickname: Creator/TomHanks gave him the nickname "Coco" during his brief tenure on ''The Tonight Show''. Later, on ''Conan'', Conan jokingly said to him "You've ruined my life!".
* ArchNemesis:
** The now-ex NBC CEO Jeff Zucker. Conan and Zucker were editors of rival newspapers in college. At one point in college, Zucker got Conan and the staff of the ''Harvard Lampoon'' in trouble for buying up and discarding all copies of the ''Harvard Crimson'' in a newspaper war worthy of a college movie, [[https://web.archive.org/web/20131006200135/http://www.cracked.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2010/01/headerimage.jpg minus babes]].
** And also...'''''[-STAAAAA-MOS!-]'''''
* BadassBeard: Grew one during the WGA Strike, and again during his time in the wilderness; he sported it proudly on his TBS show, until Creator/WillFerrell shaved it away on May 2nd, 2011. He eventually grew another beard that he ended up having throughout his week in New York City.
* TheBandMinusTheFace: During the ''Late Night'' era, the Max Weinberg Seven was often fronted by guitarist Jimmy Vivino and drummer James Wormworth while its namesake was touring with [[Music/BruceSpringsteen the E Street Band]]. When Weinberg chose not to rejoin the group for the TBS show, it was rechristened "Jimmy Vivino and the Basic Cable Band".
* BenevolentBoss: Paid his staff out-of-pocket during the writers' strike. Also held up his exit negotiations with NBC due to his insistence that his staff be well taken care of, and has paid out-of-pocket for staff members who aren't fully covered by the NBC contract. And then he did a nationwide comedy tour, using the proceeds to pay his staff.
** In character, however, he plays a BadBoss whose employees' children are interviewed in the TBS show's "Staffers' Kids Say the Darnedest Things" sketches.
* BerserkButton: Apparently vegetarians and the whole vegan lifestyle, though it comes off as a tongue-in-cheek thing.
* BitingTheHandHumor: NBC, obviously (see TakeThat, below). On the premiere of ''Conan'', Conan did a nerd impression and immediately thought better of it, as he stated the people he makes fun of are who supported him back when there was the ''Tonight Show'' controversy.
-->'''Conan''': Talk about biting the hand that feeds me!
** The next night he did a skit which involved TBS' standards office to see what the standards of Basic Cable were compared to network television. Assless chaps (to see how much of his ass could be shown) and a fishtank underwear (with a submarine covering the buttcrack) were tested; [[spoiler:the TBS standards guy turned out to be an extra on the movie ''RoadTrip'']]. The NBC ordeal gave him this Trope to use as joke material, basically.
** Many of Conan's skits [[MostTropersAreYoungNerds about nerds]] count as BitingTheHandHumor, as [[DiscussedTrope admitted]] by Conan himself. Neener neener!
* BlackAndNerdy: Graphic designer Pierre Bernard.
* {{Bromance}}: Andy Richter. See HeartwarmingMoments, below.
* ButtMonkey: [=LaBamba=] is often this.
* CharacterTics: The string dance. And oh so many more: The growl, the cat claws jump, etc...
* Website/ChuckNorrisFacts: The "''Series/WalkerTexasRanger'' '''''[[BigRedButton Lever"]]''''' skits were an [[TropeMaker inspiration]] for Website/ChuckNorrisFacts thanks to MemeticMutation. Thus placing Conan among the elite of Memedom, alongside such worthies as Angry Hitler, Dramatic Chipmunk, and the Masturbating Bear. The last of which also came from his show.
* CloudCuckooLand: To promote the TBS show, an HD webcam was set up next to a stairwell at the new offices. Apparently an "average day" includes dancing Tacos and Taco Bell buildings, [[PerverseSexualLust a girl with green pants]], puppet shows, raptor attacks, spontaneous Shakespeare lectures as Conan himself eats an apple, [[NoodleImplements jolly ranchers used in eating contests]], and a very irate Andy [[HypocriticalHumor yelling at everyone to get back to work]].
* CoolCar[=/=]TheAllegedCar: A 1992 Ford Taurus SHO that he's owned from new.
* CouchGag: The new TBS show has a different, murder-mystery style title introduced for every episode, and the opening animation of a family rushing home to watch TV is different on Thursday shows.
* DeadpanSnarker: Conan's dry, intellectual brand of humor occasionally goes into [[TheComicallySerious anti-comedy or meta-comedy]], such as his recitation of news followed by a StaringContest.
* DeliberateValuesDissonance: Played with. On occasion, he would tell a [[CrossesTheLineTwice bad joke]], which would lead to his audience groaning in appall...and then applauding. Conan would always point out those "schizophrenic responses" from his crowd.
* DrivingADesk: Literally, as a recurring sketch.
* EmbarrassingFirstName: Conan has frequently said he got picked on for it as a kid. "Where's your sword, [[Franchise/ConanTheBarbarian barbarian]]?"
* FanDisservice: Conan's blinding white skin is a plot point on various occasions, and/or [[ThisLooksLikeAJobForAquaman possible superpower]] for defeating enemies on-sight. One time, however, he reversed the tables by fooling Andy Richter to go on the set of the ''Today Show'' nude.
* FleeceTheBudget: In his final days as a talk show host before his NBC fallout, Conan happily decides to fill one of his shows with "new comedy bits that aren't so much funny, as they are crazy expensive." One of the most famous of these involves a Bugatti Veyron supercar dressed up like a mouse, that plays Music/TheRollingStones's "Satisfaction" (a song with almost impossibly pricey royalties). Total cost of this bit? $1.5 million.
* FriendlyEnemy: Conan was a direct rival to Creator/DavidLetterman, Creator/JimmyKimmel, Creator/JonStewart, Creator/StephenColbert, and (formerly) Creator/CraigFerguson ... but all five were completely disgusted with how NBC treated him upon his getting ''Series/TheTonightShow'', proceeding to bitterly skewer the network and/or Jay Leno. When Conan balked at taking the 11:00 PM slot at TBS (knowing that doing so would push George Lopez back an hour and not wanting to subject Lopez to the same ill treatment he had faced), Lopez himself called Conan and urged him to take the deal. Lopez himself reportedly said "It means I get to come into work an hour later, [[SelfDeprecation What Mexican doesn't want that?]]"
* GettingCrapPastTheRadar: Averted; he befriends his censor and runs down a laundry list of things he had "planned" for his show, but wasn't quite sure about.
** Although, there was one video he showed where the censor allowed some things, and immediately regretted it. Not sure about how real that was, but still...
* ImGoingToHellForThis: He'd say this after a lame or bad joke, and even say it in a sing-song manner.
--> I'mma gonna go to hell when I die! [''Clap clap, clap clap'']
* HeterosexualLifePartners: With Andy Richter. Where to begin? Andy was a writer who was hired as Conan's sidekick to help him from being too nervous during the show. The producers had noticed that they had great chemistry, and they hung out so frequently that [[https://web.archive.org/web/20120330171057/http://nbckicks.tripod.com/kudrow.html people started assuming that they were gay]]. Even when NBC executives demanded that Conan get rid of Andy, he refused. Andy's last episode of Late Night (before leaving to pursue an acting career) was one of only two moments wherein Conan cried on camera. There were also no guests in that episode, because it was all one big going away party for Andy. Andy eventually came back for the Tonight Show and stuck with Conan -- angrily defending him from Leno and NBC -- throughout the whole debacle. He hasn't left Conan's side since, and even off-camera, the two are still frequently seen together. It's also widely known that every time Conan does something dangerous (like taunt an animal on the show to get laughs), Andy gets so concerned and angry that he refuses to talk to Conan for at least a day.
* UsefulNotes/IvyLeague: People are surprised whenever they find out that Conan graduated from Harvard. And magna cum laude, no less.
* LenoDevice: Conan O'Brien has appeared as himself, hosting his show, in a few films including ''NowYouSeeMe''.
%%* MyBrainIsBig
* {{Neologism}}: Fan of CrunkCore? Thank Conan for coming up with the word "crunk".
* NewYearHasCome: On ''Late Night'', Conan took advantage of his later time slot (back then, ''The Tonight Show'' covered Times Square celebrations since it overlaps Midnight ET) to conduct a New Year's celebration for the unappreciated Central Time Zone, featuring a series of bizarre sketches leading into an equally silly countdown; one year featured busts of Chicagoans James Belushi and Oprah Winfrey french kissing at midnight, and another featured a reporter who got into a police chase trying to race to Hudson Lake, Indiana (a town right on the boundary between the Eastern and Central time zones) to celebrate "properly". This sketch was effectively discontinued in 2006: New Year's Eve in 2006 and 2007 fell on the weekend, the Writers' Strike was still going on in 2008, and Carson Daly hosts his own new year's special in Times Square (thus ''The Tonight Show'' and ''Late Night'' air re-runs).
* OddCouple: Conan and Martha Stewart, Conan and Creator/MrT picking apples together, Conan and Music/OzzyOsbourne cheering up NBC office workers, Conan drinking whiskey and firing automatic weapons with Creator/HunterSThompson, Conan and James Lipton...
* OrwellianEditor: NBC pretty much erased any trace of Conan ever working for them.
* PerverseSexualLust: During his review of ''VideoGame/TombRaider2013'', he was gushing over [[MsFanservice Lara Croft]]'s looks pretty much the entire way through.
-->'''Conan:''' Whoever thought up this game is a genius.
%%* ProudToBeAGeek
%%* RedHeadedStepchild
* ScrewTheMoneyIHaveRules: Conan could have kept on working on NBC if he was willing to push his show and Jimmy Fallon's back a half-hour to accommodate Jay Leno being on at 11:35 PM. Saying that that would be the end of ''The Tonight Show'', he stood his ground and basically dared NBC to fire him.
* SelfDeprecation: Conan frequently makes fun of himself and the show in general. In one instance on ''Late Night'', Conan even remarked in jest "This is the worst show on television." On the first episode of ''Conan'', made barely a year after the first episode of his seven-month-only tenure in ''The Tonight Show'', he introduced the show with "Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to my second annual first show."
* {{Sidekick}}: Andy Richter.
* SmarterThanYouLook: If you're introduced to Conan via Masturbating Bear or other lowbrow comedy bits, it may come as a surprise to learn he graduated from Harvard (and was valedictorian of his high school class). On a slightly less lowbrow note, you may have been introduced to him via ''Website/TheOnion'' or ''WesternAnimation/TheSimpsons''.
* SomethingCompletelyDifferent:
** An episode of his ''Late Night'' show was done entirely in [[StopMotion Claymation]].
** For one HalloweenEpisode, a rerun was done entirely in [[XRayVision Skelevision]].
** The annual "State of the Show" episodes on ''Late Night''.
** A 1994 show was done from aboard a Circle Line tour boat cruising the Hudson River.
** "TimeTravel Week" in 1996, which sent Conan and Andy back to UsefulNotes/AncientGreece, UsefulNotes/TheAmericanCivilWar, and TheEighties (where they encountered Creator/DavidLetterman when they tried to enter the ''Late Night'' studio).
** A 1997 episode was taped in front of a StudioAudience consisting entirely of young children.
** The show of October 10, 1996 was taped from a makeshift outdoor set after a five-alarm fire at 30 Rock left NBC's studios unavailable. The following night's show was taped at the ''Series/{{Today}}'' studio.
** When the northeastern United States (including New York City) was hit with a [[BigBlackout massive power outage]] on August 14, 2003, that night's scheduled ''Late Night'' was replaced with about five minutes of Conan reporting from the darkened, empty studio before introducing a rerun show.
** An episode of ''Conan'' was dedicated entirely to ''Series/BreakingBad'', from the title cards, to the guests, and to the band that played at the end. After the show, the entire Breaking Bad cast then threw fake bags of meth at the audience.
** And another had him going to Cuba to do a documentary-style spy about the country and its people.
* TakeThat:
** Combining TakeThat with BitingTheHandHumor, Conan started sticking it to NBC as soon as the deal to return Jay Leno to the 11:30 PM spot was announced.
*** One of his best was a comedy skit in which a Bugatti Veyron (with mouse ears on the roof, no less!) simply sat onstage while the original master recording of Music/TheRollingStones' "Satisfaction" played in the background a skit which cost ''$1.5 million'', and was done simply because NBC was footing the bill for the show.
*** He topped it by having 2009 Kentucky Derby-winning horse Mine That Bird wearing a mink Snuggie watching restricted NFL UsefulNotes/SuperBowl footage. Total cost? ''$4.8 million.'' Also on that show was Creator/RobinWilliams yelling at the fake Burbank backdrop "You ''idiots!''" and flipping it off, then singing an Irish folk song which Conan got up and danced along to.
*** Finally, to cap it all off, his final ''Tonight Show'' episode featured a fossilized ground sloth shooting caviar out a fire hose onto a Picasso. The cost? [[UpToEleven Over $40 million]] (or was it 60?...). And then Creator/TomHanks walked out to Music/TheBeatles' "Lovely Rita", which drove the price up an extra $500,000.
*** After O'Brien was criticized for wasting money that could be helping Haiti or something, he admitted on-air that the expensive items were either fake or donated for free. The rights to the music, however, were very real. (The first time it aired cost NBC nothing, but re-airing would have been very expensive, which is why NBC refuses to re-air them or make them available on the internet.)
** Another TakeThat comes in the form of the new Creator/JimmySmits vehicle ''Outlaw'', about a Supreme Court justice who resigns to become a private lawyer, produced by '''Conan'''[='s=] production company, Conaco, and airing on...NBC. Which was, subsequently, canned after only four episodes aired. [[WildMassGuessing It's almost as if]] [[TakeThat Conan made them a mediocre show]] [[MagnificentBastard on purpose...]]
** In an episode of ''Conan'' where Conan and a professional organizer go try to clean associate producer Jordan Schlansky's office, Conan found an old NBC envelope. Even the studio audience groaned at the awkwardness. The organizer asked if the box he found it in was garbage, Conan held out the envelope and said, "Oh, THIS is garbage."
* ThoseTwoGuys: In addition to Conan's OddCouple pairings above, the teaming of Conan and Bob Saget strikes some as Conan's definite non-Andy {{OTP}}.
* {{Unperson}}: To NBC, at least.
** Conan's website, any reference to O'Brien on their network and even Website/YouTube and Creator/{{Hulu}} clips of O'Brien's shows have been under watch or removed by NBC with two exceptions (an episode of ''Series/SaturdayNightLive'' he hosted and a Season 1 episode of ''Series/ThirtyRock'' in which he and his show play an integral part in the plot). They even removed [=HornyManatee.com=].
** Conan also appeared in the the final episode of ''Series/ThirtyRock'', but this likely only happened due to Creator/TinaFey's ProtectionFromEditors.
** On the NBC Studio Tour, upon arrival of Conan's old studio (also previously Creator/DavidLetterman's, currently Dr. Oz's), the studio page will say the former two "disappeared from the network".
** His Unperson status would finally be lifted in 2019 when Team Coco struck a deal with NBC to reupload all of his Late Nightcatalog online.
* VerbalTic: Rrrrrow.
* WeirdMoon: The huge moon in the background of his TBS show can be controlled via remote, and possibly be used to crush Andy Richter. It even has "that lunar wobble"! On one occasion, it had Creator/CharlieSheen's face on it.
* WidgetSeries: Any of his late night shows.