[[AllLowercaseLetters cactus]], real name Jonatan Söderström, is a [[UsefulNotes/{{Sweden}} Swedish]] indie game developer known for his many short, quickly-produced games that frequently utilize MindScrew. His official website is [[http://www.cactusquid.com/ here]] and is also part of a band named [[http://crystalboys.bandcamp.com/ Crystal Boys]].

He also has [[http://nycksill.blogspot.com a brother, Benjamin]], and collaborates with [[http://fwamusic.bandcamp.com/ Dennis Wedin]] as part of Dennaton Games.
Several of the games cactus has produced have Wiki/TVTropes pages of their own. Among them are:

* ''VideoGame/BurnTheTrash''
* ''VideoGame/CleanAsia''
* ''VideoGame/{{Minubeat}}''
* ''VideoGame/MondoMedicals''
** ''VideoGame/MondoAgency''
* ''VideoGame/{{Norrland}}''
* ''VideoGame/{{Psychosomnium}}''
* ''VideoGame/HotlineMiami'' (alongside Dennis Wedin)
** ''VideoGame/HotlineMiami2WrongNumber''
!!cactus's body of work displays the following tropes:
* BlackComedy
* BodyHorror / EyesDoNotBelongThere
* BulletHell: He loves this genre, it seems.
* LevelEditor: ''[=BlockOn!=]'' combines this with RandomlyGeneratedLevels--you provide the level layout, the program sets up the traps and enemies.
* LudicrousGibs: For those games which have blood.
* MindScrew: A lot of the games.
* {{Ninja}}: The protagonists of ''Shotgun Ninja'', ''Saru Ga Daisuki'', ''Ninja Flu''.
* NoPlotNoProblem / ExcusePlot: For most games, the "plot" is the single paragraph on the download page.
* {{Retraux}}: Most of his games are in a vintage, pixelated style.
* StylisticSuck: ''Ted's Wet Adventure''. His other games sometimes show elements of that.
* ViolenceIsDisturbing: Quite a few of his games (such as ''Dear Agent'', ''Xoldiers'', ''VideoGame/HotlineMiami'') share the motif of a protagonist instilling mindless violence for violence's sake, or because they are JustFollowingOrders.
* WidgetSeries: Pretty much everything he has done.