Atsuko Yuya is a seiyu born in Nagasaki, Japan in 1968. Her voice suits the role of mature ladies or domineering women and was even the usual dub voice for ''Creator/AngelinaJolie'' and Natasha Henstridge.
!!Notable roles:

* Miwako Satou in ''Manga/DetectiveConan''
* Yukino Azusagawa in ''Manga/YakitateJapan''
* Rin Sawamura in ''Manga/MidoriDays''
* Angelica Burns in ''Anime/CoyoteRagtimeShow''
* Jue in the Japanese dub of ''Anime/TheAnimatrix''
* Jill Valentine in ''Film/ResidentEvilApocalypse'', ''VideoGame/MarvelVsCapcom3'', and ''VideoGame/ProjectXZone''
* Jackie Tristan in ''Manga/{{Bleach}}''
* Gorgo in the Japanese dub of ''Film/ThreeHundred''