Anne B. Walsh lives in Pittsburgh, PA, with a Very Patient Roommate, a Very Large Dog, and a pair of Very Anxious Cats (most of whose anxiety stems from the existence of the Very Large Dog). She is an author of both original and derivative fiction.

* ''Literature/AWidowInWaiting'', a historical fantasy set in RegencyEngland and Ireland.
* ''[[Literature/HomecomingWalsh Homecoming]]'', a traditional fantasy set on the world of Trycanta.

* The Franchise/HarryPotter AlternateUniverseFic known as the [[Fanfic/{{Dangerverse}} Dangerverse]] (completed in October 2014, very nearly on the exact 10th anniversary of commencement).
* Many, many alternates of the Dangerverse. Far too many. (In Anne's humble opinion. She just can't stop herself.)

More information as time, space, and brainpower allow.

Her website (with several {{Easter Egg}}s) can be found [[ here]].