Mexican director who frequently directs mainstream fare in an artsy style, sometimes with an eye towards [[AnAesop political commentary]] and/or exploring teen {{angst}}. His most notable films include ''Film/YTuMamaTambien'', ''Film/HarryPotterAndThePrisonerOfAzkaban'', ''Film/ChildrenOfMen'' and ''{{Film/Gravity}}''. Oh, and HeAlsoDid ''[[NeverLiveItDown I Am Autism]]'', the [[MemeticMutation memetically]] [[{{Narm}} narmy]], slightly [[UnfortunateImplications offensive]] Autism Speaks advertisement.

He became the first Latin American director to win a Best Director UsefulNotes/AcademyAward, for ''{{Film/Gravity}}''.

He is friends with fellow Mexican directors Creator/GuillermoDelToro and Creator/AlejandroGonzalezInarritu, the three being collectively known as "The Three Amigos of Cinema."

He is also a co-creator of the series ''Series/{{Believe}}'' on NBC.
!Common tropes in his movies:

* AcclaimedFlop:
** ''Film/ChildrenOfMen'', which received much praise yet fell $6 million short of recouping its budget.
** ''Film/HarryPotterAndThePrisonerOfAzkaban'' got much acclaim for Cuaron's unique nonlinear take on the plot established in the book, and is one of the ''Potter'' film series' best-reviewed and most favored installments. Despite all of this, it was the lowest-grossing movie in the series at just under $800 million.
* {{Angst}}
* CameraAbuse: Blood splatter on the lens in ''Film/ChildrenOfMen'', water on the lens in ''Film/{{Gravity}}''.
* TheFilmOfTheBook: ''A Little Princess'', ''Film/GreatExpectations'', ''Azkaban'' and ''Children Of Men''.
* JitterCam
* MoneyDearBoy: A significant portion of his work, according to [[ this]] interview.
** That would explain ''I Am Autism'' though.
* TheOner: A signature style of his. ''Children of Men'' was widely praised for its finale in this respect and ''Gravity'' has it in its opening, as well as in several scenes throughout the rest of the film. Many of his movie, including ''Children of Men'' and ''Gravity'' are shot by highly acclaimed cinematographer and frequent collaborator, Emmanuel Lubezki, who is a master of this style.
* RoadTripPlot: ''Y Tu Mama Tambien'' and ''Children of Men''.
* SceneryPorn: Sometimes crosses over with SceneryGorn.