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So I find myself having to say, more than what The Crew is, what The Crew is not. The Crew is not The Black Avengers. The Crew is not "A Ghetto Book". The Crew is not even remotely about race. Race is never even mentioned in The Crew. It is a complete non-issue. [...] The Crew is, first and most importantly, about family.

The Crew was a Marvel Comics series from 2003, written by Power Man and Iron Fist and Black Panther writer Christopher Priest. A pet project of his, it was too good to last, and it was cancelled before the first issue was even released. The seven published issues make up the first story arc, Big Trouble In Little Mogadishu.

The Crew takes place in Brooklyn, between the mean streets of Little Mogadishu, or the Mog, and the gated community of Princeton Walk. Four men, all of whom have lost family in some way, come together initially for reasons of their own, and the series would have been about their gradual personal evolution. The Crew consisted of:

  • James "Rhodey" Rhodes, formerly Iron Man and War Machine. He comes to the Mog to investigate after his sister is killed by the 66 Bridges Gang.
  • Danny "Junta" Vincent, a freelance intelligence agent and con man.
  • Kasper "White Tiger" Cole, an NYPD cop who was briefly the Black Panther.
  • Josiah al hajj Saddiq, or Josiah X, or Justice, and former actual Black Panther. He is a Muslim minister and the son of Isaiah Bradley, the legendary "Black Captain America" from WWII. He carries Isaiah's shield.

Christopher Priest remains somewhat bitter over the series' cancellation, which he suspects was due to it being viewed as a "ghetto book".

As part of All-New, All-Different Marvel, a new group of heroes consisting of Luke Cage, Misty Knight, Storm, and Manifold were gathered by Black Panther to combat evidence of outside influences fueling dissent in Wakanda. Luke Cage described the group as "The Crew." In 2017, as part of the Marvel NOW! (2016) initiative, a new team book will be released called Black Panther and The Crew, continuing the adventures of this team.

Not to be confused with the racing video game or the comedy film.

The Crew contained examples of: