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[[caption-width-right:260:RIP AND TEAR!]]

A comic adapted from the {{video game|Genres}} ''VideoGame/{{Doom}}''.

The hero, a [[QuadDamage berserker packin']] man-and-a-half with [[UpToEleven a 12.0 on a 10.0 scale of badness]], is attempting to [[LudicrousGibs RIP AND TEAR]] a huge [[OurDemonsAreDifferent cyberdemon's]] huge guts with his [[MegatonPunch Night Train]], when his berserker pack runs out, leaving the demon [[UnusualEuphemism bonking]] unharmed. His UnstoppableRage over, he spends the rest of the comic communicating his desire to have guns (via a {{chainsaw|Good}}) looking for [[{{BFG}} a gun big enough to blow the demon away]]. But even if he personally stops this alien invasion, what kind of planet will we be leaving to our children? And our children's children? [[GreenAesop How will they live with all the undisposed toxic waste that we left to them to deal with and]]... oh, the humanity, his big gun is out of bullets! (Better believe it, soldier!) ''Dynamite!''

In other words, this 90s comic book (originally a convention giveaway) has become a CultClassic thanks to being nonsensical and over-the-top.

You can read it for yourself [[http://www.doomworld.com/10years/doomcomic/comic.php here]] or with appropriate voiceover [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8XZ1UECrRk0&feature=related here]] or [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A8yc5bnOrSc here.]] [[WebVideo/AtopTheFourthWall Linkara]] reviewed it in his best attempt at the Wrestling/UltimateWarrior voice [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kv0VCvOqHgk here.]]

!!This comic provides examples of:
* AdaptationDistillation: There are demons and an escalating armory of guns. The comic boils this down to near perfection.
* AscendedMeme: The comic's berserker-packin' zaniness has lent itself to many of these:
** In the UsefulNotes/XboxLiveArcade release of ''Doom II'', most of the Achievements are named after several lines from this very comic, such as "Important Looking Door" being obtained by finding a secret, and "You Have Huge Guts" for killing a Cyberdemon with your fists.
** ''VideoGame/BrutalDoom'', a ''Doom'' mod that takes some inspiration from this comic book, gives player the ability to [[FinishingMove RIP]] [[{{Gorn}} AND]] [[HalfTheManHeUsedToBe TEAR]] enemies with your bare hands upon grabbing a Berserk pack or Demon Strength Rune. Obtaining the latter even displays the "Rip and Tear" message onscreen!
** ''VideoGame/{{Doom 2016}}'' has nods to both the comic '''and''' ''VideoGame/BrutalDoom'', as it features the ability to perform over-the-top fatalities similar to the ones found in both media, albeit in a [[DarkerAndEdgier much more grotesque]] manner. It also uses the infamous "rip and tear" line in a far more sinister manner.
* AxCrazy: Doom Guy when he's under the influence of a Berserker Pack. And when he's not, just to a marginally lesser extent.
* TheBerserker: Doom Guy starts the comic under the effects of a Berserk Pack. When it wears off, he becomes a ''little'' more coherent.
* {{BFG}}: "Mine eyes can but weep as they bear witness to the majesty... The BFG 9000!"
* BuffySpeak: "Sweet Christmas! Big-mouthed floating thingies! It's always something!"
* CaptainObvious:
** "You are ''huge''! '''THAT MEANS YOU HAVE HUGE GUTS!'''!" How almost Rabelaisian...
** "Now I'm radioactive! [[AndThatsTerrible That can't be good]]!"
** "Now I'm in a completely different place!"
* ChainsawGood: From the page quote: "Aaaah! Chainsaw! The great communicator!"
* CloudCuckoolander: The Doom Guy at his most lucid, spewing CrazyAwesome threats and pseudo-philosophical ramblings about radioactive waste and its effects on the environment. Give him a berserker pack and he abandons all pretense of sanity and...
* CompanionCube: "At this particular moment in time, I don't think I have a healthier or more deeply-felt respect for any other object in the universe than this here Shotgun." ...Then again, he's probably gone completely insane, so CargoShip, perhaps?
** [[MoreDakka "Hey, Chaingun!]] [[YouHaveOutlivedYourUsefulness The hell with respect!"]]
*** The aforementioned CargoShip is actually lampshaded and ridiculed at about 3:15 and 6:20 in [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TVTiIxFOKtM this]] entry to a Website/{{Youtube}}-based dramatic reading contest for the comic (for men ''and'' women).
* UsefulNotes/TheDarkAgeOfComicBooks: In many ways, this is really a parody of the kind of overly violent, overly angsty comics that were in vogue during the 1990s.
* DidYouJustPunchOutCthulhu: Subverted, more like "[[OhCrap did you just try to punch out Cthulhu]]?"
-->"[[GiantMook Cyberdemon]]? [[TemptingFate Big deal. He's slim pickings]]."
* DynamicAkimbo: Combined with PunchPunchPunchUhOh when the Doomguy tries to kill the Cyberdemon with his bare hands. It just looks on and laughs in this pose.
* ExcusePlot. The plot basically goes down to the Doomguy looking for the {{BFG}} because he couldn't rip and tear a cyberdemon's '''''[[SuddenlyShouting HUGE GUTS!]]'''''
* ExplodingBarrels: Wouldn't be ''Doom'' without 'em! He detonates a room full of them to get rid of an invisible Pinkie.
* FoeTossingCharge: At the story's climax, with a horde of monsters between the hero and the BFG.
* {{Green|Aesop}} [[AndKnowingIsHalfTheBattle Randomly Thrown-In Speech]]: Although he [[DumbassHasAPoint does raise a good point]]. Why the hell is there a giant vat of radioactive sludge lying out in the open?
* {{Gorn}}: Lots of it.
* GunPorn: Sort of. After claiming "Guns are for wusses!" and [[TemptingFate promptly needing one]], "Doomguy" effectively fetishizes the guns he finds; so much that at one point, much in the manner of a classical pick-up artist, he claims he's "All about that plasma rifle" (and baby, it's all about him!)
* HeroicMime: Considering the actual games, an aversion of [[SoBadItsGood epic proportions.]]
* HeroicComedicSociopath: Let's see. He's got a "positive goal" [[note]]killing demons [[/note]], he performs over-the-top grisly deeds [[note]] killing demons [[/note]], he loves what he's doing [[note]] killing demons[[/note]], and it's all PlayedForLaughs [[note]]killing de- I mean, "yes, most probably" [[/note]]. The Doom Marine in this story most likely qualifies.
* ILoveNuclearPower: Not really, in this case: "Now I'm radioactive. [[AndThatsTerrible That can't be good]]."
* LameComeback: "Stupid, stupid Imp! You're ''stupid''! And you're gonna be stupid and ''dead''!"
* LargeHam: The main character.
-->''"Yeah, that's your spinal cord, baby! DIG IT!"''
* TheLegionsOfHell: Doomguy kills scores of demons practically per panel.
* MadeOfPlasticine: Pretty much everything except Doomguy and that Cyberdemon.
* ManlyTears: The Doomguy can't help but be teary-eyed as he acquires the BFG 9000.
* MuzzleFlashlight: "Might makes light! '''*blamm*''' And I feel ''mighty!''"
* NinetiesAntiHero: He's a bit more [[BoisterousBruiser exuberant]] and [[LargeHam hammy]] than usual for the trope, but Doomguy probably counts as one of these.
* NoFourthWall: The berserker packin' ''MAN AND A HALF'' is generally conversant with the non-spoken internal monologue boxes. Either he's crazy or there's no fourth wall. Or both.
* NoIndoorVoice: Despite this being a comic book, you can only imagine Doomguy speaks this way due to all the exclamation points.
* NoOSHACompliance: {{Lampshade|Hanging}}d when Doomguy finds himself in a random vat of radioactive waste.
* NoSell: The Marine's berserker pack runs out just as he punches the Cyberdemon. Said Cyberdemon merely grins at the now [[OhCrap suddenly-not]]-AxeCrazy Marine.
* OffModel: "Copious amounts" [[{{Understatement}} won't even begin to describe]] how off model the artwork in the comic is, but there are a few glaring examples:
** In page 4 of the comic, Doomguy is clearly toting what appears to be a side-by-side double barreled shotgun, but in the next page the shotgun somehow transforms into a semi-auto model with a magazine tube. Even when it's drawn to look like a side-by-side in the ''very next panel'' afterwards, there is nonetheless a visible rail sight on the ''side'' of one of the barrels.
** In page 11, Doomguy spots a plasma rifle on the floor. By the ''very next panel'', the plasma gun is ''now perched atop a high ledge'' for some reason and he's forced to make a leap for it.
* OhCrap: The Marine's reaction to his punch failing to harm the Cyberdemon. Can't really blame the guy.
--> '''Marine''': ''"CHOO CHOO CHA BOOGIE! CHOO CHOO CHA... CHOO CH... CHOO CHA... oh my."''
* OhTheHumanity: "The humanity! My big gun is out of bullets!"
* OpenSaysMe: "Knock knock, who's there? '''ME!'''"
* PlotWhatPlot: Well, the game had an ExcusePlot, after all...
* PunchPunchPunchUhOh: Doomguy tries to punch out a Cyberdemon while under the influence of a Berserker Pack, but it wears off just as he throws the punch.
* RatedMForManly: '''"RIP AND TEAR"'''
* RougeAnglesOfSatin: "heavy ordinance"
* ShoutOut:
** [[ComicBook/LukeCageHeroForHire "Sweet Christmas!"]]
** [[Franchise/EvilDead "Groovy."]]
** [[Music/JamesBrown "Papa's got a brand new bag!"]]
** [[Music/HowlinWolf "Hoy, hoy, I'm the boy... packin' 80 pounds of heavenly joy!"]]
* SortingAlgorithmOfWeaponEffectiveness: Pretty much the plot - Doomguy kills stuff, and gets a weapon better then his last one.
** Lampshaded when he soliloquizes about his vast respect for his shotgun, then instantly discards it in the next panel to pick up a chaingun.
* StealthParody: It's kind of subtle, but...
* TalkativeLoon: He's as crazy as they get, and won't stop yelling about it.
* TearsOfJoy: Doomguy's reaction to acquiring the BFG 9000.
* ThoughtCaption: All captions reflect Doomguy's thoughts. The odd one out is "Scant seconds later...", which either isn't a thought, or a sign that Doomguy is even crazier than previously though.
* TitleDrop: The subtitle anyway:
-->"As I stride knee deep through the dead. All is clear. I know what must be done..."
* {{Understatement}}: "Now I'm radioactive! That can't be good."
* UnsoundEffect: *[[SoundOfNoDamage Bonk]]*
* UnstoppableRage: "Doomguy" while he has the berserker pack, in particular:
-->"[[MadnessMantra Rip and tear, RIP AND TEAR,]] '''[[MadnessMantra RIP AND TEAR!]]''' '''[[AxCrazy RIP AND TEAR YOUR GUTS!]] [[CaptainObvious YOU ARE HUGE!]] [[ShapedLikeItself THAT MEANS YOU HAVE HUGE GUTS!!!]] [+ RIP AND TEAR! +]'''"
* UpToEleven: "I'm the man! I'm a bad man! How bad? Real bad! I`m a 12.0 on the 10.0 scale of badness!"

''Amen to that.''