''Sally Forth'' is a King Features syndicated [[NewspaperComics newspaper comic]], originally written and drawn by Greg Howard (then a recently retired lawyer), and introduced in 1982. It is a slice-of-life domestic comedy, tending towards story arcs but often using the gag-a-day format for the Sunday strips. In 1992, Craig [=MacIntosh=] took over the drawing with Howard continuing to write. Then, in 1999, Francesco Marciuliano took over the writing, when Howard left the strip completely (and when arguably the strip [[GrowingTheBeard entered into its full form]]). Sally Forth is carried in nearly 700 papers nationwide.

[[SimilarlyNamedWorks This strip should not be confused with]] the decidedly [[ComicStrip/SallyForthWood more adult military comic of the same title]] by Wally Wood.

!!!This comic provides examples of:
* BlondeBrunetteRedhead: The Forths' daughter Hilary is a blonde. Her best friend Faye has black hair. Their friend Nona is a redhead.
** Sally's friend/coworker Alice is blonde; her daughter is a level-headed redhead, and her son is hyperactive brunette.
* {{Cloudcuckoolander}}:
** Nona. The writer has described her [[http://mediumlarge.wordpress.com/2011/09/23/supporting-cast-nona-of-sally-forth/ thusly]]:
-->Nona started as an answer to my own question, "What if [[Literature/HarryPotter Luna Lovegood]] lived in the suburbs... and wasn't a wizard... and didn't have an English accent even though, let's face it, English accents make everything sound brilliant or diabolical... except maybe the poor English characters in Creator/MikeLeigh films... Seriously, just watching those doomed characters try to scrape enough shillings to purchase a pen to sign over their house to creditors is absolute torture... [[{{Metaphorgotten}} Who am I talking to]]?"
** Ted, of course. His choice of office watercooler talk is less sports and more '80s TV cartoons.
** Sally's stepdad; he might actually be senile.
* ComicBookTime: Lampshaded by Hil's boyfriend, Jon, after he comes back for the summer and is...quite a bit taller than when he left.
-->"It doesn't feel like people ever age around here. It's like a ''TwilightZone'' episode, but with Wi-Fi."
** Also lampshaded on September 14, 2014.
--> '''Hilary:''' Wait, if Bettina aged a year, why am I still 12?
--> '''Ted:''' Don't...don't go down that rabbit hole. The whole system will fall apart.
* DeadpanSnarker: If you find one person in the strip that isn't one, you get a gold star.
* DeconstructorFleet: Marciuliano seems to take pleasure is showing how off-putting a sitcom-like family would be in the real world. As an example, the Forths have no friends because no one wants to deal with [[ManChild Ted's loopiness]] or [[BrokenBird Sally's desperate need to prove herself]] to her mother.
* LeaningOnTheFourthWall: Ted does it, but Hilary seems to take after him in this department on occasion.
* MetaGuy: Sally's husband Ted was [[Series/{{Community}} Abed]] before Abed was.
* ObfuscatingStupidity: According to the above interview, Nona is apparently very bright if scatterbrained.
* ObnoxiousInLaws: Both sets, really. Sally's mother is a constant belittler. Ted's parents are dour borderline alcoholics.
* OneTwoPunchline: Under Marciuliano, especially. In fact it's not too rare to see a one-two-three punchline if, say Sally, Ted and Hilary are all in the last panel.
* PointyHairedBoss: Ralph, Sally's former boss. He was eventually demoted to her co-worker before she was reorg'd to the marketing department.
* PoorCommunicationKills: [[spoiler: Hilary and Faye had a falling out with Nona and, thinking that she needs space, wait so long to apologize that Nona found a new pair of blond and brunette friends]].
* RunningGag: Every Easter, Sally always bites the ears off of Hilary's chocolate bunny.
** Every autumnal equinox will begin with a soliloquy on how awesome Fall is.
** Every Halloween, Ted argues with [[https://mediumlarge.wordpress.com/2015/11/01/ted-forth-vs-the-trick-or-treater-the-annual-title-bout/ the same eight year-old trick-or-treater]].
* VillainOverForDinner: When Sally's sister Jackie announces that she's hooked up with Sally's former boss Ralph. They're now married.