''Anton Und Beton'' is a German comic strip about two bugs by "Malt Whiskey" which appeared since TheNineties in the free magazine [[http://www.comicaze.net Comicaze]], also known for ''ComicStrip/CaptnCrazy'' and ''ComicBook/MingaManga''. Better than it sounds.

* FunnyAnimal: Anton, Beton and their buddy Erasco Campbell, a housefly.
* MouseWorld: Once they went to a dark place and found some yellow, horribly-tasting stuff, and among other things, a [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Labyrinth_(inner_ear) labyrinth]].
* PunnyName: Beton (German for concrete).
* ShoutOut: As short as the series is yet, there are many of them.
** '''A'''nton and '''Be'''ton themselves remind of Ahörnchen and Behörnchen (German names of [[Creator/WaltDisney Chip and Dale]]).
** Anton once was a member of a train-robbing gang: Four guys named Sepp, Milram, Klo and Karamell hunted by [[ComicBook/LuckyLuke Buggy Bug]] and his sword Creator/HollyHunter.
** One (human) boy builds a [[Music/TheBeatles yellow submarine]] with LEGO pieces.
** And of course [[Creator/WaltDisney Malt Whiskey]]
* ShownTheirWork: Spiders in the world of A&B have eight eyes.