[[caption-width-right:180: Hollywood is just full of monsters.]]

->'''Andrea:''' Frank, the monsters always lose. That's why people can watch these things, because in the end ''we'' always win. If not, it would become-''\\
'''Frank:''' Real life. It would become real life.

''ComicBook/{{Screamland}}'' is a {{comic|Book}} written by Harold Sipe and illustrated by Hector Casanova. It tells the story of a group of monster actors as they struggle to get work in an age where people prefer make-up and computer effects to actual monsters.

A sequel, ''Death of the Party'', following The Wolfman and a group of B-list monsters as they attempt to solve a murder mystery, was published in 2011.

!!This comic book provides examples of:

* HorribleHollywood
* HumansAreTheRealMonsters: While the monsters do a lot of morally questionable things, the human characters manage to be even ''worse''. The director, Trent, specially comes off as this.
* ShowWithinAShow: The ''Monster Hunter 3000'' manga and its respective film.