Chuck Cunningham Syndrome: Other

  • This is what happened to Dreamfinder as a result of Executive Meddling on Journey Into Imagination at EPCOT.
    • The bus has come back a couple of times since then, though. He made a cameo at D23 in 2011, leading the audience in a rousing rendition of the ride's song, "One Little Spark," and got his own prequel comic via Disney/Marvel's Disney Kingdoms.
  • In Jon Buck's Paradise setting CM is mentioned by the cast of sequel series "Paradise:Veil" and is seen in the story Tall Tales, however his best friend Robert Hallman seemingly vanishes after the 9th "CM and Rob" story.
  • Many toy-driven franchises that go on for multiple incarnations would often find many characters dropped from later series. The most notable case is G.I. Joe's Zarana: Mostly seen as an attempt to add a second female to Cobra, but she never made a screen appearance since the DiC-produced episodes. While she DID receive an expanded role in the DDP Joe comics, she is the only 1982-94-originated female character to never even get a mention in any of IDW's new Joe comics! Even Cover Girl and Pythona get odd appearances every now and then! She doesn't appear in the Larry Hama-penned IDW continuation of G.I.Joe: A Real American Hero AT ALL!
  • Adventures in Odyssey: After the fairly recent "Best Small Town" Story Arc closed, the series went on a hiatus and, when it came back, nearly all of the current characters except for Whit, Connie, Eugene, and Wooten had suddenly disappeared, including major characters such as Tom Riley, Bernard Walton, the Washingtonsnote  and the Rathbones. And, considering that the VOs for Tom Riley, Bart Rathbone, and Bernard, Walker Edmiston and Dave Madden respectively, have since passed away, the chances of those characters in particular returning seem rather slim.