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Chuck Cunningham Syndrome: Other

  • This is what happened to Dreamfinder as a result of Executive Meddling on Journey Into Imagination at EPCOT.
  • In Jon Buck's Paradise setting CM is mentioned by the cast of sequel series "Paradise:Veil" and is seen in the story Tall Tales, however his best friend Robert Hallman seemingly vanishes after the 9th "CM and Rob" story.
  • Many toy-driven franchises that go on for multiple incarnations would often find many characters dropped from later series. The most notable case is G.I. Joe's Zarana: Mostly seen as an attempt to add a second female to Cobra, but she never made a screen appearance since the DiC-produced episodes. While she DID receive an expanded role in the DDP Joe comics, she is the only 1982-94-originated female character to never even get a mention in any of IDW's new Joe comics! Even Cover Girl and Pythona get odd appearances every now and then! She doesn't appear in the Larry Hama-penned IDW continuation of G.I.Joe: A Real American Hero AT ALL!

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