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     Disney's 1957 TV Show 

Don Diego de la Vega/Zorro

Played by Guy Williams

The Son of ranchero (or Baron) Don Alejandro de la Vega, Diego in this version is a former university student who returned from Spain to California to be with his father. When he learned upon arrival that his home Los Angleles that it has been under the tyrannical grip of Captain Monastario, Diego took up the alter ego of Zorro in a pledge to protect the innocent from those who would harm and oppress them. To help hide his alter ego, Diego pretends to be little more than a man of books and guitars and seemingly totally inept in combat.


Played by Gene Sheldon

Don Diego's manservant confidant and co-conspirator, the only person at first to know Diego's secret. Unable to speak, Bernardo uses gestures to communicate. Bernardo pretends to be deaf as well as mute, the better to overhear the plans of Zorro's enemies. He also plays the fool, adopting clownish behavior so as to seem harmless. Although Bernardo is sometimes portrayed as a little silly even when no pretense is required, he is also a capable and invaluable disciple for Zorro and Diego, even wearing the mask himself occasionally when the need arises. The character had appeared in the original stories as both deaf and mute; giving him hearing in this iteration helped to make Bernardo more integral to the series as Zorro's spy. It also helped to advance the plot by giving Diego a partner with whom he could confide feelings, plans, and intended actions, while also communicating these things to the viewers.

Capitán Enrique Sanchez Monastario

Played by Britt Lomond.

A ruthless tyrant, the appointment of the megalomanical Monastario as commandante of Los Angeles resulted in Don Alejandro calling his son home from Spain, and set off Zorro's career.

Licenciado Pina

Played by Than Wyenn

A talented bureaucrat and lawyer, Pina acted as Capitan Monastario's right-hand man, while constantly worrying that the Capitan's plans were on the verge of going wholly awry.

Sergeant Demetrio Lopez Garcia

Played by Henry Calvin

One of Captain Monastario's underlings, the Sergeant is often seen leading other soldiers on various missions to oppress the peasants and/or hunt down Zorro. In spite of this, he is a friendly fellow (although not free of his vices) who respects Zorro and is hardly happy with the orders he is given.

Corporal Reyes

Played by Don Diamond

Added to the cast following the departure of Monastario, Corporal Reyes acts as Sergeant Garcia's second-in-command, loyal friend, and occasional morality check. He proves to have a sharp, sly wit, often getting the better of his portly superior.

  • Beleaguered Assistant
  • Butt Monkey: Being a notch down the pecking order from fellow Butt Monkey Sergeant Garcia.
  • Deadpan Snarker: And how. The Corporal always seems ready to deliver a good zinger at Garcia's expense.
  • The Lancer: To Garcia's "hero" when the Sergeant is Acting Commandante. In fact, he and the other soldiers are literally "Lancers" by way of their duty title.

Don Alejandro de la Vega

Played by George J. Lewis

Don Diego's father, greatly disappointed by his son's seeming foppishness and unknowing of the secret life he leads or so we are led to believe.

  • Badass Grandpa
  • Blue Oni Red Oni: Red to Diego's Blue
  • Bully Hunter: Is furious at Monastario's oppression of the peasantry and Indians.
  • Cool Old Guy
  • Disappointed In You: His reaction to Diego's adopted personality as a popinjay untill he learns that this is just an act Diego puts up to hide the fact that he is Zorro
  • Hot-Blooded
  • Secret Secret-Keeper: During the Monterey arc, we find out that he has secretly been aware of his son being Zorro for quite some time now, but choose not to confront him with this knowledge. He finally admits it when he stops Diego from unmasking himself in public in order to be with his loved one. From that moment on, he becomes a regular Secret Keeper
  • Papa Wolf

Don Ignacio "Nacho" Torres

Played by Jan Arvan

Neighbor to the de la Vegas, Don Nacho's arrest by Monastario is one of the first signs Don Diego has of the Commandante's true evil.