Awesome: Zorro

The Japanese anime
  • I don't remember in which episode, but one fight between Zorro and the soldiers sees four of them ganging up on him, only for Zorro to block all their swords and physically push them back all at the same time.
  • In the final episode we have a furious Garcia on the dishing end of a Curb-Stomp Battle. The receiving end? Lieutenant Gabriel. Yes, Garcia crushed the guy who usually gives Zorro a run for his money.
    • There's also how he did that. Upon seeing Garcia coming to arrest him for high treason or kill him in the attempt, Gabriel smirked and advanced confiding in his superior swordsmanship, only to jump back in astonished fear when Garcia slashed faster and harder than Gabriel could block. Garcia continued slashing with no skill but overwhelming speed and strength, forcing Gabriel to walk back in the attempt to gain enough space to regroup and bring his superior skills to bear, until he fell in the village's fountain and lost his sword, at which point Garcia repeated the order of surrender while holding him at swordpoint.
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