!Expect ''unmarked spoilers'' on these pages.

[[caption-width-right:350:[[LoadsAndLoadsOfCharacters And this is just the series' main cast...]]]]

FanFic/{{YuYuGiDigiMoon}} has LoadsAndLoadsOfCharacters. And HOW. See also character pages for Characters/{{Digimon}}, Characters/SailorMoon, Characters/YuYuHakusho, and Characters/YuGiOh for the details on the canonical characters. All {{Original Character}}s were created by Kanius unless indicated otherwise. The character names used are a combination of original Japanese names, and dubbed English names.

For alternate versions of the characters; see Characters/KaniusProductionAbridged (including Characters/ShinnenNewYear that's the series finale of the Abridged series) and Characters/GuiltyCrownTheLostKingdoms.

!Character Subpages:
* ''Characters/YuYuGiDigiMoonFoundersAndMainCharacters'' [[labelnote:Character List]] Takato & Guilmon, Sailor Moon, Sailor Sedna, Takuya, Yusuke Urameshi, Yugi Mutou, Valkyrie Brunhilde, Marty Stonebagel, The Beast Tamers, Philippe Sagara & Jaguarmon, Sailor Mars, Sailor Pluto, Tuxedo Kamen, Inner Kuiper Belt Senshi, Hiei, Yui Tsubasa & [=DarkGabumon=], Cammy Hino, Seto Kaiba, Lyn Stromberg, John Smith/Volodramon [[/labelnote]]
** ''Characters/YuYuGiDigiMoonTakatoMatsuda'' [[labelnote:Character List]] Takato Matsuda, Guilmon, Suzaku [[/labelnote]]
** ''Characters/YuYuGiDigiMoonTheBeastTamers'' [[labelnote:Character List]] Takato Matsuda, Guilmon, Suzaku, Rika Nonaka, Renamon, Seiryuu, Henry Wong, Terriermon, Genbu, Himura Tsubasa, Inumon, Byakko, The Golden Kirin [[/labelnote]]
** ''Characters/YuYuGiDigiMoonInnerKuiperBeltSenshi'' [[labelnote:Character List]] Sailor Sedna, Sailor Orcus, Sailor Varuna, Sailor Quaoar, Sailor Eris, Sailor Ixion, Angemon X, Dramon X [[/labelnote]]
** ''Characters/YuYuGiDigiMoonKotoriAyami'' [[labelnote:Character List]] Kotori Ayami/Valkyrie Brunhilde, Seadramon/[=MetalSeadramon=], Grani [[/labelnote]]
* ''Characters/YuYuGiDigiMoonSailorSenshi'' [[labelnote:Character List]] Planetary Senshi, Outer Kuiper Belt Senshi, Neo Senshi [[/labelnote]]
* ''Characters/YuYuGiDigiMoonDigimonHeroes'' [[labelnote:Character List]] Victory Tamers, Legendary Warriors, Digi-Destined, DATS [[/labelnote]]
* ''Characters/YuYuGiDigiMoonSpiritDetectives'' [[labelnote:Character List]] Original, Neo Spirit Detectives [[/labelnote]]
* ''Characters/YuYuGiDigiMoonTheDuelists'' [[labelnote:Character List]] Original, Duel Academy Students, Signers [[/labelnote]]
* ''Characters/YuYuGiDigiMoonTheMetas'' [[labelnote:Character List]] Chimeras, The West Coasters [[/labelnote]]
* ''Characters/YuYuGiDigiMoonTheValkyrieMaidens'' [[labelnote:Character List]] The Valkyrie Maidens, The Norns, Alec Bainard [[/labelnote]]
* ''Characters/OtherYuYuGiDigiMoonHeroesAndNeutralCharacters'' [[labelnote:Character List]] The Royal Knights, The Dra-Warriors, The Amazons, Supporting Cast: Duelists, Supporting Cast: Yu Yu Hakusho, Supporting Cast: Digimon/Duel Monsters, Supporting Cast: Humans/Demons/Aliens, Supporting Cast: Past and Mythological Figures, Spoiler Characters [[/labelnote]]
* ''Characters/YuYuGiDigiMoonSeasonTrilogyVillains'' [[labelnote:Character List]] Pharaohmon (Evil), Kaiser Ghidorah, The Paradais duo, Valmarmon, Gamera, Arago [[/labelnote]]
** ''Characters/YuYuGiDigiMoonKaiserGhidorah''
** ''Characters/YuYuGiDigiMoonTheParadaisDuo'' [[labelnote:Character List]] Sailor Charon, The Prophet, Millenniummon [[/labelnote]]
* ''Characters/YuYuGiDigiMoonDigimonVillains'' [[labelnote:Character List]] Pharaohmon's Army, Demon Corps, Neo Dark Masters, [=BlackGuilmon=] and Co., Valmarmon's Legion, Mao Kings [[/labelnote]]
* ''Characters/YuYuGiDigiMoonTheRajita'' [[labelnote:Character List]] Original, Neo Rajita [[/labelnote]]
* ''Characters/YuYuGiDigiMoonTheDemons'' [[labelnote:Character List]] Demento's Group, The Taiyoukai Eight, Demon Priests, Demon Prisoners [[/labelnote]]
* ''Characters/YuYuGiDigiMoonParadaisCorporation'' [[labelnote:Character List]] Bringers of Chaos, Professor Frank and Company [[/labelnote]]
* ''Characters/YuYuGiDigiMoonTheLokar'' [[labelnote:Character List]] Adora Frost/Mist, Loki and his Children, Norse Dragons, The Erinyes, Allied Norse Figures, Evil Mythology [[/labelnote]]
** ''Characters/YuYuGiDigiMoonMist'' [[labelnote:Character List]] Adora Frost/Mist, Gullinbursti, Gunnar, Mistruxes, Grimhilde [[/labelnote]]
* ''Characters/YuYuGiDigiMoonTheDefiants'' [[labelnote:Character List]] [=CainCorp=], Members [[/labelnote]]
* ''Characters/OtherYuYuGiDigiMoonVillains'' [[labelnote:Character List]] Neo Animamates, Arcadian Cross, Misc. Villains, Spoiler Character [[/labelnote]]
* ''Characters/YuYuGiDigiMoonSpecialCharacters'' [[labelnote:Character List]] Ascendants and Kai Digi-Destined, Accel Stream Digi-Destined, Team Xros Heart, Madoka's Group, Cross Generations, Paradixalmon and Company, [=GranDracmon=]'s Forces, [=DarkMagimon=]'s Coven, Gods of Destruction/Creation, The Three Fiends, Cross Generations Antagonists [[/labelnote]]