The characters of the ''Unwind'' Dystology:


[[folder:The Main Three]]

!'''Connor Lassiter'''

''[-"Yes, it is an answer. Maybe it's the best answer of all. If more people could admit they really don't know, maybe there never would have been a Heartland War."-]''

One of the three main characters, Connor was signed by his parents to be unwound because of his trouble-making nature. He plans to runaway with his friend and crush Ariana, but she backs out at the last second. Connor gets caught, but manages to escape and meets Risa while rescuing Lev.

* AntiHero -> TheHero
* TheBeard[=/=]UndercoverAsLovers: Connor and Risa pretend to be in a relationship during most of the story so they won't get separated.
* BerserkButton
* BookDumb: The natural result of kicking-AWOL in the tenth grade.
* BoyMeetsGirl: Connor meets Risa.
* CharacterFocus
* DeadpanSnarker
* [[{{Delinquents}} Delinquent]]
* DoorstopBaby: Connor and Risa take care of one for a while.
* EyeScream: [[spoiler:Lost his eye - ''and'' his arm - during the Clapper incident at the Chop Shop.]]
* FamedInStory: As the Akron AWOL.
* {{Foil}}: First Roland and later Starkey. Both see him as TheRival and share his [[MagneticHero natural leadership ability]], but are more calculated and manipulative in their relationships with others and seek to use their power for their own glory and goals.
* GreenEyedMonster: Connor gets worried when he notices Roland repetitively flirts with Risa and helps her out a lot (giving her his food, offering her his blanket) and even questions her about it, the first thing he says being, "You're not actually falling for him, are you?" We all know he's [[{{YoureJustJealous}} jealous]], though.
* HumbleHero
* HorribleJudgeOfCharacter
* HotBlooded: This trait of his is why the Lassiters signed the order to have Connor unwound. Over time, though, Connor learns to control his temper and it cools down into TranquilFury.
* IneffectualLoner: Until Risa convinces him that he needs to start playing politics.
* JerkWithAHeartOfGold: Impulsive and quick-tempered, but ultimately cares about his [[TrueCompanions best friends]].
* LoveHurts: When Ariana backs out at the last second to kick-AWOL with Connor.
* LoveTriangle: A mild, implied one between Connor, Risa, and Ariana. Connor, Risa, and Roland could possibly count too.
* MeaningfulName: Not his real one, but his Arápache alias translates to "stolen shark."
* MeetCute: Meet ''Risa''.
* MismatchedEyes: [[spoiler:After he loses one in Happy Jack bombing and is given a new eye.]]
* MyFistForgivesYou: To Lev
* MoralityChain: Risa seems to be that for Connor.
* OfficialCouple: [[spoiler: Connor and Risa.]]
* ThePowerOfFriendship
* RedOniBlueOni: The red to Risa's blue, especially early in ''Unwind''.
* TheRival: Roland.
* ScarsAreForever: [[spoiler:Lost an eye, received scars on his face, and lost an arm from the Clapper incident at the Chop Shop. And the arm he got transplanted with while he was unconscious? ... It was ''Roland's'' arm.]]
* SecondLove: [[spoiler:Risa.]]
* SlapSlapKiss: Connor and Risa from time to time.
* TeethClenchedTeamwork: With [[spoiler:Cam]] in the last half of [=UnSouled=].
* TranquilFury: When Connor finds Roland cornering Risa in the restroom, Connor acts like nothing is wrong and says that Risa and he broke up. This deflates Roland, who leaves the scene. Connor is secretly furious at Roland for harassing Risa (and holding his temper being perhaps the hardest thing he ever had to do), but followed Risa's previous advise to him to not take any bait that Roland hands him.
* TroubledButCute
* TrueCompanions: Risa and Lev.
* UnwantedRescue: [[spoiler:Ironically, Connor is tranquilized by Lev to get him out of the battle because he wants to stay and defend the Graveyard at the end of the second book. At the start of the first book, Lev is rescued from being unwound against his will by Connor.]]

!'''Risa Megan Ward'''

''[-"Don't I have a choice in this?-]''

One of the three main characters, Risa is an orphan at Ohio State Home 23, [=StaHo=] for short. After making several mistakes during her piano recital, Risa is one of the 5% population of the teenagers there that are going to be unwound to cut the orphanage's costs. She escapes the bus taking her to the Harvest Camp and ends up meeting Connor and Lev.

* TheBeard[=/=]UndercoverAsLovers: Connor and Risa pretend to be in a relationship during most of the first book so they won't get separated.
* BigSisterInstinct: Towards Lev while on the run.
* BigSisterMentor: Her relationship to many of the younger Whollies.
* BoyMeetsGirl: Connor meets Risa.
* BrainyBrunette
* CategoryTraitor: [[spoiler:Subverted. Risa appears to betray her friends and endorse unwinding, but she's only doing it so that the Graveyard won't be raided and all of its resident unwound.]]
* CharacterFocus
* DisabledLoveInterest: [[spoiler:Risa's spine gets paralyzed when the Clappers detonate their suicide bombs at the Chop Shop. She refuses to get a spine transplant because this is her choice and she wants to be herself. Also because if she gets a transplant, she'll be immediately unwound. There are laws protecting the disabled from being unwound. Until she's blackmailed into having a spine transplant by Roberta.]]
* DoorstopBaby: Connor and Risa take care of one for a while.
* FamedInStory: [[spoiler:Especially after Proactive Citizenry blackmails her into becoming a postergirl for unwinding.]]
* GuileHero: Tends to work her way out of trouble with quick thinking and trickery,
* GreenEyedMonster: When Risa sees Connor drawing Ariana, she gets jealous.
* HatesBeingTouched: Reacts very poorly to be touched by both Connor and Cam, at least at first.
* IllPretendIDidntHearThat: When Connor suggests Risa is falling for ''Roland''.
* HospitalHottie[=/=]TheMedic: [[spoiler:When Risa becomes a medic at the Graveyard.]]
* LoveTriangle: A mild, implied one between Connor, Risa, and Ariana. Connor, Risa, and Roland could possibly count too.
** [[spoiler:Cam develops feelings for her in [=UnWholly=], creating another love triangle.]]
* MeaningfulName: Risa's name is short for "''sonrisa''," which means "smile" in Spanish.
* OfficialCouple: [[spoiler: Connor and Risa.]]
* ParentalAbandonment: She was given to the state home as a baby by her birth mother
* ThePowerOfFriendship
* RedOniBlueOni: The blue to Connor's red.
* TheSmartGuy
* ThrowingOffTheDisability: [[spoiler:Roberta blackmails Risa into agreeing to receive a new spine harvested from an Unwind and promoting the practice of unwinding teenagers. If she doesn't hold up her end of the bargain, then the Juvey-cops will raid the Graveyard.]]
* TroubledBackstoryFlashback: Particularly in ''[=UnSouled=]''.
* TrueCompanions: Connor and Lev.
* WomenAreWiser: Although she's able to teach Connor a thing or two by the end.

!'''Levi "Lev" Jedediah [[spoiler:Garrity, né]] Calder'''

[-''This is what I was born for. It's what I've lived my life for. I am chosen. I am blessed. And I am happy.''-]

One of the three main characters, it was in Lev's religion to become unwound - as he is the "tithe." Along the highway, Lev is kidnapped by Connor as a hostage, but impulsively rescues Lev when he gets tranqed by a bullet meant for Connor.

* AnimalMotifs: We learn in the third book, it's a kinkajou, of all things.
* BewareTheNiceOnes: [[spoiler:When Lev becomes a Clapper.]]
* BrattyHalfPint: In the beginning.
* CharacterFocus
* TheChick
* CreepyChild: Even Risa admits Lev as this because of how must he has changed. See BewareTheNiceOnes.
* FamedInStory: [[spoiler:Becomes the subject of media fascination when he ends up not clapping.]]
* HappilyAdopted: [[spoiler:By the Tashi'ne family.]]
* HeelFaceTurn
* IJustWantToBeNormal: Understandably hits this point by ''[=UnSouled=]''.
* ImportantHaircut: Inverted. Growing his hair out symbolizes his development into a less complacent, clean-cut person. And then later, played straight when he chops it off at the Tashi'ne home.
* TheLoad: At times.
* OlderThanTheyLook: Obviously, since no one is meant to survive the process of becoming a Clapper long-term, all those chemicals that were put into Lev's body not only damaged his organs enough to render his organs useless for transplantation, but also permanently stunted his growth.
* OnlySaneMan: This is what Lev thinks at first about himself when he is kidnapped by Connor and Risa.
* ParentalAbandonment: [[spoiler: Lev's parents refused custody of Lev when offered it by the state following the harvest camp incident. It's all right though because Lev's big brother Marcus, the only person who stood up for him in the beginning of the story is [[PromotionToParent petitioning for guardianship]]. Which works out pretty well until Marcus is seriously injured in a clapper attack in ''[=UnWholly=]'', and Lev's parents still refuse to take him back leaving him alone in the world once again.]]
* ThePowerOfFriendship
* TagalongKid: To Connor and Risa, and to Cy.
* TrueCompanions: Grows to see Connor and Risa as this. And Cy.
* UnwantedRescue: Lev is rescued from being tithed, against his will by Connor, to be used as a HumanShield.
* WalkingDisasterArea: To be fair, many of the characters are, but Lev is the one they talk about most.


[[folder: The Stork Brigade]]

!'''Mason Starkey'''

Starkey is a stork who is rescued and sent to The Graveyard. He is bitter and angry because storks are treated as second class citizens most of the time. He also feels that Connor isn't doing enough to actually stop unwinding and wants to take things to the street.

* AmbiguouslyBrown: Being darker-skinned than his family was one reason he felt he didn't belong and wasn't wanted.
* CharacterFocus
* ConspicuousGloves: Wears one to conceal his left hand, which he ruined escaping from handcuffs.
* DarkSkinnedBlond/[[DarkSkinnedRedhead Redhead]]: [[JustifiedTrope But it's dyed.]]
* DoorstopBaby: Part of his
* EngineeredPublicConfession: Bambi and the other Storks who have doubts about his morals stage a late night interrogation by the Dah Zhe to trick Starkey into revealing how little he really cares for those under his command.
* EvilRedhead: Dyes his hair to keep from being recognized by the cops, which becomes his trademark look, dark roots and all.
* FreudianExcuse: Does what he does because Storks are treated as second class citizens, even among fellow Unwdinds.
* GoOutWithASmile: [[spoiler:While Connor strangles him by his own request.]]
* ManipulativeBastard: How he rises through the ranks at the Graveyard so quickly.
* VillainProtagonist: A [=POV=] character, but actively works to undermine allies for his own agenda.

!'''"Bam" Bambi'''

* BerserkButton: Don't ever call her "Bambi".
* BrawnHilda
* TheDragon: To Starkey
* MistreatmentInducedBetrayal: Finally turns on Starkey when he begins leaving her out of his decision making and not telling her things until the last minute.
* TheStarscream: Hayden encourages her to become this. She finally turns on him in Undivided when he agrees to the Clappers' plan to attack a Tithes-only harvest camp and kill everyone inside.

One of Hayden's computer technicians in the Graveyard's communications hub. [[spoiler: He serves as Starkey's spy within the ComBomb and later becomes the computer expert of the Stork Brigade. Eventually, he begins to have doubts about Startkey's methods and joins Hayden and Bambi in instigating a coup in ''Undivided.''
* AsianAndNerdy
* DoesNotUnderstandSarcasm
* TheEvilGenius: Although he's not very comfortable with the "evil" part.
* TheMole: Serves as Starkey's informant inside the ComBom.

[[folder: Other Unwinds]]
!'''Roland Taggart'''

''[-"Consider yourself lucky."-]''

One of the three Unwinds that Connor and Risa meet when finding shelter with Sonia, Roland was going to be unwound because he beat up his stepfather for beating his mother; his mother took his stepfather's side instead. An intimidating adolescent who is both feared and respected, Roland sees Connor as a threat.

* AlasPoorVillain: [[spoiler: Holy shit. It's just about impossible not to feel sorry for Roland as he's being Unwound.]]
* AllThereInTheManual: His last name was revealed on Neal Shusterman's Facebook page.
* AnimalMotifs: Sharks, specifically a tiger shark. [[spoiler: This stems from his having survived a shark attack at age thirteen by stabbing it in the eye with a rock.]]
* CharacterFocus
* [[{{Delinquents}} Delinquent]]
* DisappearedDad: He never knew his biological father.
* HotBlooded
* LoveTriangle: Kind of between Connor, Risa, and Roland.
* ObfuscatingStupidity: Roland uses his DumbMuscle appearance to cover up his manipulation of others.
* TheRival: Connor. He sees Connor as a threat and tries multiple times to provoke him.
* VillainEpisode: The novella ''Undevoured'' focuses on his backstory.

!'''Hayden Upchurch'''

''[-"Let's take a poll--would you rather die, or be unwound?"-]''

One of the three Unwinds that Connor and Risa meet when finding shelter with Sonia, Hayden came from a wealthy family, but when his parents had a divorce, they fought over the custody of Hayden, leading to [[{{TakeAThirdOption}} an alternative choice]] - to have Hayden unwound rather than to have one of the parents have Hayden. A bit of a jokester, Hayden befriends Connor.

[[spoiler:Hayden briefly takes over the Graveyard after Connor and the others take the Admiral to the hospital. He continues to work at the Graveyard to help Unwinds like himself.]]

* TheLancer: To both Connor and Roland.
* MotorMouth: He was very talkative during the cargo ride to the Graveyard.
* MauveShirt: Gets less focus than other characters but still plays a major role in the story.
* PreppyName: Comes from money, and sounds like it. ''Upchurch.''
* SadClown: Connor thinks his out-there jokes are mostly a way to avoid the reality of his situation.
* TechnoWizard: Has a group of kids in the [=ComBom=] who help help him monitor the Juvies.
* TroubledBackstoryFlashback: At the end of ''[=UnWholly=]''.


A tithe born to help her sick brother. She was rescued by the tithe deprogramming group that takes in Levi. She resists the deprogramming, convinced that her purpose was to help others and that the group disrupted that. Eventually, she escapes and goes on the run with Levi, who's tired of the hero worship he's getting in the mansion. After the Juvey Cops' raid on the Graveyard, she returns home and spends the remainder of the series helping AWOL Whollys find safe haven.

* BetaCouple: Forms one with Lev.
* CharacterFocus: She gets several chapters over the course of ''Unwholly'', and the novella ''Untithed'' focuses on her adventures following the raid on the Graveyard.
* MauveShirt: Only appears in two books and a novella.
* UnwantedRescue: Although it is unclear what Miracolina wanted to be done at the end of the book [[spoiler:given that, techinically, her parents never signed the unwind papers]], Miracolina is excited to be a tithe, and is very angry at being "rescued" by the Anti-Divisional Resistance.

!'''Zachary "Emby"'''

''[-"Wait till you're the one who's dying and see how you feel about it!"-]''

One of the boys in the same crate as Connor and Hayden when they're sent to the Graveyard. Nicknamed the Mouth Breather.

* CharacterFocus
* ChekhovsGunman / ContrivedCoincidence: [[spoiler:He received Humphrey/Harlan Dunfee's right lung.]]
* HappilyAdopted: [[spoiler:By the Admiral and his wife.]]
* IllBoy: He has asthma and coughs a lot.
* {{Nerd}}
* TheReveal: [[spoiler:Emby has a transplanted piece of Harlan Dunfee (Humphrey Dunfee}.]]


''[-"Unwound. I'd rather be unwound."-]''

One of the boys in the same crate as Connor and Hayden when they're sent to the Graveyard. He is the quietest of them.

* ButNotTooForeign: Implied to be Hispanic.
* TheQuietOne

[[folder: The Anit-Divisional Resistance]]
!'''Sonia [[spoiler:Rheinschild]]'''

''[-"Maybe, maybe not. One thing you learn when you've lived as long as I have--people aren't all good, and people aren't all bad. We move in and out of darkness and light all of our lives. Right now, I'm pleased to be in the light."-]''

An elderly woman who shelters Unwinds. She works with Hannah in protecting Unwinds. Nicknamed "Dragon Lady" by Hayden and Mai.

* CoolOldLady
* TheReveal: [[spoiler:At the end of the second book, Sonia is revealed to be the wife of Janson Rheinschild, who invented the technology which made unwinding possible.]]
* KilledOffForReal: [[spoiler:In Undivided Nelson sets her shop on fire and she dies.]]
* ScrewPolitenessImASenior

!'''The Admiral/[[spoiler:Admiral Dunfee]]'''

''[-"I'd like to be the first to welcome you to the Graveyard."-]''

The Admiral is in charge of [[spoiler:the Graveyard, where he protects Unwinds until they turn eighteen. Rumors spread that he's only after parts of the Unwinds for himself, but the Admiral is genuine about helping the Unwinds]].

* TheAtoner: Helps save runaway Unwinds to make ammends for the role he played in the creation of the Unwind Accords.
* BadassGrandpa
* CharacterFocus
* TheReveal: [[spoiler:He is Humphrey Dunfee (Harlan Dunfee)'s father.]]
* ShellShockedVeteran: The events of the Heartland War have affected him greatly.

!'''Trace Neuhauser'''

A 23 year old AWOL air force boeuf at the Graveyard who acts as Connor's head of security and strategic adviser. [[spoiler:Is later discovered to be working for [[MegaCorp Proactive Citizenry]] to spy on the Graveyard, but he still believes in helping the unwinds there and thus doesn't give away the most important information he knows.]]

* DoubleAgent: [[spoiler:Admitted to working for Proactive Citizenry, but hasn't told them all of the secrets he knows because he believes in what's being done at the Graveyard. Eventually gives the Whollies his full loyalty after being fired.]]
* TheLancer: To Connor at the Graveyard.
* ReverseMole: Doesn't reveal Proactive Citizenry's secrets, but he withholds the Graveyard's secrets to keep them off Connor's back.
* TheMole: [[spoiler: Proactive Citizenry's spy in the Graveyard.]]
* TokenAdult: Other than the team in charge of running the office that serves as a front for the Unwind rescue operations, he is the only adult who works directly with the resident teenagers.
* KilledOffForReal: Starkey leaves him to drown when their plane crashes at the end of ''Unwholly''


''[-"We get sent to the harvest camp and they cut us apart, that's what happens next."-]''

One of the three Unwinds that Connor and Risa meet while finding shelter with Sonia, Mai was going to be unwound because her parents tried to have a boy and instead had another girl for the fourth time.

[[spoiler:Mai becomes a Clapper after the death of her boyfriend Vincent and kills herself when she activates her detonator.]]

* {{Bookworm}}
* BrokenBird: [[spoiler:After Vincent died.]]
* ButNotTooForeign: It is implied that Mai is Chinese.
* CharacterFocus
* DelinquentHair
* EmoTeen
* {{Goth}}
* HotBlooded
* {{Kuudere}}: Arguably. She's kind of cold to pretty much everyone except her boyfriend Vincent.
* {{Tomboy}}


* DarkMessiah: [[spoiler:Trains angry kids to become clappers by seducing them with the idea of being a powerful, chaotic force of nature.]]
* DiesWideOpen: [[spoiler:After being beaten to death by the mob.]]
* WeHardlyKnewYe: Killed off by a frantic mob a few chapters after being introduced. Aside from a few scenes we learn almost nothing about him.

[[folder:Proactive Citizenry]]

!'''Camus 'Cam' Composite-Prime/Comprix'''

The first teen built entirely of the parts of other unwinds, specifically the best and the brightest parts of each one used. He's constantly struggling with the memories of the other kids that he carries in the various parts of his mind. Has a crush on Risa because one of the kids he was made from knew her from the state home.

* ArtificialHuman: Made up of unwound parts, and is dubbed a "rewind."
* BetaCouple: Forms one with Una over the course of the second half of the series.
* BigBrotherMentor: Fills this role towards the other Rewinds in the novella ''Rewinds''.
* CharacterFocus
* FrankensteinsMonster: Initially feels this way about himself and wrestles with the question of his own identity throughout the series.
* InstantExpert: Averted. He may have all the best skills of his former parts, but he has to re-learn motor skills and how to talk like a normal person (for instance, instead of saying "Stop!" he says, "Red light! Brick wall!"; and to express anger for the first time he says "Bull seeing red!")
* InsufferableGenius: Due to the extensive crystallized intelligence that came "pre-programmed" and high liquid intelligence making him an extremely fast learner.
-->ďThe fact that Iím physically, intellectually, and creatively better than you is not arrogance or conceit; itís a simple fact,Ē Cam says with forced calm. ďIím the better man because I was made to be. I canít help what I have any more than you can help what you donít.Ē
* ItIsDehumanizing: Hates begin referred to as a thing.
* LaserGuidedAmnesia: [[spoiler:His memories of Risa are erased in ''Undivided''.]]
* LivingLieDetector: One of his component unwinds was, and the skill made it down to Cam.
* MeaningfulName: After French philosopher Albert Camus.
* NightmareFace: He's very attractive looking, but his patchwork skin makes people more than a little unsettled.
* {{Omniglot}}: Knows nine languages off the bat.
* PhotographicMemory
* SmiteMeOMightySmiter: During a brief stint of questioning himself. He gets better.
* SpareBodyParts: It is joked that Cam has three sets of genitals.
* TeethClenchedTeamwork: [[spoiler:With Connor in the last half of [=UnSouled=].]]
* [[spoiler:TurnedAgainstTheirMasters: Decides that to win Risa's heart, he needs to take down Proactive Citizenry.]]
* WhatMeasureIsANonHuman
* {{Yandere}}: For Risa at the end of [=UnWholly=]. "And then she'd have to love him" Indeed.


The head of the project that built Cam. [[spoiler:She also blackmails Risa into getting a spine transplant and doing ads supporting unwinding]].

* EvilBrit
* ForScience: Her motivation for making Cam.
* EngineeredPublicConfession: [[spoiler: Secretly hacked all the security cameras in the Rewinds' bedroom so that when Roberta found him in there, their conversation would be broadcast to the entire world.]]
* OffingTheOffspring: [[spoiler: Attempts to kill Cam when he appears to suffer a breakdown after his discovery of the other Rewinds. Unfortunately, she plays right into his BatmanGambit.]]
* ParentalSubstitute: To Cam.

[[folder: The Black Market]]
!'''J.T. Nelson'''

The juvey cop turned parts pirate whom Connor tranq'd in the first book. Nelson wants revenge because he was left a laughingstock by the incident. Now he kidnaps and turns over runaway AWOLS and won't stop looking for Connor.

* CharacterFocus: He and Starkey are two of the major villains to be given POV chapters. One of the short stories in ''Unbound'' details the events of his childhood that led to him becoming a Juvey Cop.
* ChekhovsGunman: First introduced during Connor and Risa's escape.
* DirtyCop: Before becoming a parts pirate.
* ItsPersonal: He blames Connor for ruining his life and has a personal vendetta against him as a result.
* {{Jerkass}}: [[spoiler:Betrays his partner and leaves him to suffer a horrible fate, tries to burn down a store filled with [=AWOLs=]]], kidnaps children to kill them and sell their organs, yeah, this guy is a major dick.
** [[spoiler:When he is unwound without anesthetic in Undivided, the computer program lampshades it by calling him "Jerkass Dirtbag" instead of his real name.]]
* KickTheDog: [[spoiler: Hands Argent over to Divan at the beginning of ''Undivided'' in exchange for the undamaged half of Argent's face.
* MismatchedEyes: Of the RedRightHand variation, since they come from his obsession with replacing his eyes with those of the [=AWOL=] unwinds he catches to find the ones that "complete" him.
* PoliticallyIncorrectVillain: Calls Native Americans ("People of Chance") slotmongers.
* ThoseTwoBadGuys: [[spoiler:With Argent]].
* VillainEpisode: The short story ''Unschooled'' depicts the events that lead to him becoming a Juvey cop.

!'''Divan Umarov'''
Nelson's primary contact and head of his own black market parts pirates ring. He prides himself on being more humane than the infamous brutality of the Burmese Dah Zhe. He runs his operations from aboard his private cargo plane, the ''Lady Lucrezia'' while his sister Dagmara manages their ground operations.
* AffablyEvil: Acts like a very nice man to his soon to be victims, treating them like guests, stands by them as they are unwound acting as a father figure to them, lets them pick what music they would like to listen to as they are unwound, ETC.
* CainAndAble: Kills his sister after her attempt to take control of their operations in the final segment of ''Unbound.''
* CoolPlane: The ''Lady Lucrezia''.
* EntertaininglyWrong: When he sees Connor alive on television after ''Undivided'', he's convinced that he's an impostor.
* EvenEvilHasStandards: He refuses to have anything to do with the Dah Zhe because he finds their methods (ranging from unwinding without anesthesia over the course of days to horrific experimentation) brutal and barbaric.
* FauxAffablyEvil: Played with. His Affably Evil traits are genuine, they just don't extend to his nephew Malik.
* VillainExitStageLeft: After the events of ''Unknown Quantity'', he decides to retire and sail the Mediterranean.
* WouldHurtAChild: Makes his money by dissecting teenagers and selling their organs on the black market. Has his nephew Malik unwound at the end of the novella ''Unknown Quantity.''

[[folder: Other Characters]]

''[-"Sure. Sure I do. I could leave here. If you asked me."-]''

Connor's friend and crush in the beginning of the novel. Connor and Ariana planned to kick-AWOL together, but Ariana backs out at the last second because of she is the maid of honor at her sister's wedding and because of school.

* TheDitz: According to Connor, Ariana wasn't all that bright.
* LoveTriangle: A mild, implied one between Connor, Risa, and Ariana.
* TechnicolorEyes: Always gets the newest pigment injection. Ariana's current eye color the beginning of the novel is "[[PurpleEyes sweet violet]] with [[GrayEyes streaks of gray]]."
* TemporaryLoveInterest
* UnluckyChildhoodFriend: We don't know if she's Connor's childhood friend, but she's the closest girl to him until he meets Risa.


''[-"Hi, you must be new! I'm Alexis, and this is Chase."-]''

A girl who Connor and Risa meet on a school bus. She has a baby son named Chase.

* GenkiGirl
* MotorMouth

!'''Hannah Steinburg'''

''[-"Don't tell me your names. Don't tell me anything, so if they question me afterward, I won't be lying when I say I don't know."-]''

A teacher who helps Connor and Risa escape the school and find shelter with Sonia, who shelters Unwinds. Hannah volunteers to take in the baby that Connor and Risa were briefly caring for.

* CoolTeacher
* TheBusCameBack: Returns in [=UnSouled=].
* DoorstopBaby: Raises Didi, who she renamed Deirdre.

!'''Cyrus [="CyFi"=] Finch'''

''[-"Ain't no one gonna tell you what's in your heart. You gotta find that out for yourself."-]''

A young Umber who Lev accompanies to Joplin after [[spoiler:Lev betrays Connor and Risa]], Cy is friendly and optimistic.

[[spoiler:It is later revealed that when he had surgery and received a 1/8 lobe of a brain from an Unwind, that Unwind - named Tyler - still believes he is alive and at times takes control over Cy's body to steal. Cyrus is going to Joplin for the sake of Tyler, and they both (sort of) reconcile with their respective parents.]]

* [[BlackBestFriend Umber Best Friend]]: To Lev.
* CharacterFocus
* [[HasTwoMommies Has Two Daddies]]
* GrandTheftMe: [[spoiler:Tyler.]]
* MotorMouth: Lev thinks Cy likes to hear himself talk.
* TokenMinority

!'''Argent Skinner'''

* BigBrotherBully: While Grace is older in age, her developmental disability leaves him as the one with the authority and power, which he uses to abuse her.
* The Dog Bites Back: Has Nelson unwound in retaliation for being sold to Divan and taking his face.
* HeelFaceRevolvingDoor: Aids Nelson's hunt for Connor, then helps switch his parts after Divan unwinds him so he can be put back together again, and then goes back to being Divan's valet.
* HeelFaceTurn: And all it took was a wink from Connor.
* LoonyFan: Of the Akron AWOL.
* LowerClassLout: His best job is as a grocery cashier.
* PsychoSupporter: His infatuation with Connor leads Argent to kidnap him and hold him prisoner. He even wants to give Connor cosmetic surgery so that they look more alike.
* ScarsAreForever: They aren't, but he [[JustifiedTrope can't afford treatment]].
* TroubledAbuser: He was a victim of their father's cruelty, just like Grace.

!'''Grace Skinner'''
* AmbiguousDisorder: Grace is "low-cortical."
* IdiotSavant: She's excellent at games, repeatedly beating Connor at chess.
* InnocentlyInsensitive
* TheStrategist

!'''Janson Rheinschild'''

[[spoiler:The creator of the technology that made unwinding possible. He also founded Proactive Citizenry to supervise use of his advancements to prevent abuse.]]

* DeathByDespair: The combination of being erased from history by Proactive Citizenry and [[spoiler:Austin's unwinding]] cause him to suffer a heart attack.
* ILetGwenStacyDie: He let someone be unwound. [[spoiler:It's Austin.]]
* MarriedToTheJob
* MyGreatestFailure: His medical technology is responsible for the institution of unwinding itself.
* ParentalSubstitute: To Austin, a feral teenager who he takes in and offers a job.
* UnPerson: Erased from history by Proactive Citizenry in order to keep the system of Unwinding going.


An ex-feral teen that Janson takes on to help with his research.

* {{Delinquents}}: Until Janson offers him a job and gets him off of the streets.
* {{Fingore}}: Lost two fingers on one hand to frostbite.

Wil's fiance. She spends much of Unsouled mourning her fiance's death, until the arrival of Camus Comprix forces her to confront the tragedy of Wil's demise.
* BeligerantSexualTension: Has this dynamic with Camus in ''Unsouled''
* BetaCouple: With Cam
* RoaringRampageOfRevenge: She and Lev spend the first half of ''Undivided'' hunting down the Parts Pirates to abducted Wil.
* SecondLove: Ends up with Camus.